What’s Going On Between Obama and Iran?

Islam_symbolWhat’s going on with the Obama administration and Iran? On its face it makes absolutely no sense at all! Here we have Iranian leadership in Ayatollah Khomeini who’s promising death to America while at the same time the White House actively engages in talks that will ultimately lead to the loosening of all sanctions on Iran and its gaining of the nuclear bomb. According to the White House and the State Department, they don’t really mean it. “Death to America” and “erasing Israel off the map” is “nonnegotiable,”  are just hyperbole meant to appease the Iranian people. They are amazing statements and lead to only one of two possibilities; either the Administration is brazenly lying and they know that Iran intends to destroy the United States and Israel, or it actually believes that the Iranian leadership is only saying “Of course, yes, death to America” because their people want to hear it. So which is more likely?

The answer lies in domestic policy, not just of the White House, but also of Democrat politicians in general. Hardly a day goes by when some Democrat, whether it’s Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Hillary Clinton or all the above accuse a conservative or Republican of being a racist, bigot, or homophobe for opposing a liberal progressive policy, in particular those coming from Pres. Obama. The level of rhetoric that progressive and liberal politicians in the far left Democrat party spew is nothing short of hyperbole as well. They cry racism so frequently now that the word itself has lost all impact. Like the boy who cried wolf, racism has been charged so many times that now when actual racism occurs many don’t pay attention. Most recently, the incident in Ferguson Missouri, the “hands up don’t shoot” mantra took on near legendary status. Cries of racism, bigotry and murder by a police officer were claimed for months, but the officer was completely vindicated by both the grand jury and the Eric Holder’s Justice Department. Could it be that these cries, which happen so frequently, these extreme and gross examples comparing Republicans to terrorists or any other of 1000 disgusting comparisons are done for show?

Could the Democratic political machine make extreme accusations just because they’re effective, and because they rile up the Democratic base and increase fundraising? Given the mounting examples, it’s likely so and under this reality, could President Obama and his leftist State Department supporters be projecting their behavior and their motivations onto the Iranian Ayatollah and his minions? The answer to this perplexing and dangerous foreign policy could be no more complex than Democrats are so used to exaggeration that they blindly assume the Iranians are to, when in a tragic irony, the Iranian’s really mean exactly what they’re saying…Death to America and death to Israel!


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