The Massive Risk Posed By Hillary’s Emails

Example SECRET Coversheet Required for Every US Government SECRET Document

Example SECRET Coversheet Required for Every US Government SECRET Document

As I Blogged back in March, Hillary DID send and store classified US Government information on her personal email server used while she was Secretary of State, and this poses a massive risk for the country.

The Missing Question In The Hillary Email Scandal

Hillary put herself above, way above, the American People. This gross security violation invalidates her as a viable Presidential Candidate. There are two massive questions that must be debated and answered which result from her wanton abuse of her security clearance.

1. Does this violation rise to the level where she belongs in jail?

2. It would be naive to believe that her server wasn’t hacked by one or more countries, organizations and or people, and all of her emails, including the 30,000+ that she deleted, exist on their servers. The potential that she can be blackmailed is so real, that she poses a National Security Risk as President of the United States. Regardless of the answer to question #1, if she cared more about the country and American People than she does herself, she’d drop out of the race.

Data in Clinton Emails Comes From 5 Intelligence Agencies

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