The “Obama Five”

Twin Towers on 9-11

Twin Towers on 9-11

History has a tragic way of repeating itself. President Barack Obama just released five of the most dangerous cunning and ruthless terrorist ever caged in Guantánamo Bay, the “Obama Five”. They were captured and held at bay for over 10 years in response to Osama bin Laden’s planned and executed treacherous attacks on 9/11. Sadly, years earlier, Osama bin Laden was also effectively released by a US President, only that time it was Bill Clinton. Had Clinton acted appropriately 9/11 would never of happened. Following that terrible event, pundits, experts and politicians across the country discussed the probability of when, not if, the United States would be attacked again. We certainly had multiple attempts, thankfully some unsuccessful like the underwear bomber and the shoe bomber, and tragically some like Nidal Hasan the Fort Hood shooter were successful. What are the chances that one or more of these five killers will be linked to the next 9/11, God forbid it should happen?  Whether they play bin Laden’s role directly, plan the attack, or train someone else who does, it’s nearly certain that history will show the “Obama Five” release was even more grossly miscalculated than Clinton’s mishandling of bin Laden.

I spent the first 14 years of my military career as a pilot, and professional instructor in three different United States Air Force aircraft. In that time I trained and passed on my knowledge, skills and experience to many less experienced pilots. The lessons that I taught them were in turn passed onto pilots that they flew with when they later became instructors. As a T-37 instructor pilot alone I trained eight classes, flying with at least five students per class. Those 40 pilots, should each of them fly and pass their skills on to 40 more, would equal 1600 trained Air Force pilots. That’s representative of just one aircraft in four years as an IP.

Applying that same template to these five terrorists, each of whom returns to the Taliban fold as heroes and with great stature, will certainly result in a similar multiplying effect. It’s not hard to imagine that in the nearly 10 years these men spent in captivity, they had an inordinate amount of time to think about, and plan, how they would exact their revenge should they ever get free. It’s conceivable, that each of the “Obama Five” already has one or more plans developed, that will soon get transferred into the minds and hands of other extremists. I pray that neither the United States nor any of its allies is ever hit as we were on that terrible morning. Will President Obama be held accountable should that day come, whether in one, ten or twenty years, and these terrorists or their underlings are involved?

How could such a clear and present danger be set free?  Perhaps we should hold him accountable now!


– President Obama released, without expectation of imprisonment, 4 more terrorists from Gitmo.  23 total releases so far in 2014.