12 Reasons Why Trump And Cruz May Need Each Other

Rally Against Big Government, Washington D.C.

Rally Against Big Government, Washington D.C.

Donald Trump likely needs Ted Cruz, and Ted Cruz likely needs Donald Trump to win the White House in November. The Republican campaign has gotten personal, but they may each need the other before the convention ends. Given the radical leftist vent dominating today’s Democrat Politicians, America will need them both to restore our Constitutional Republic.

Why Cruz Needs Trump:

  1. Trumps campaign is bringing new voters to the GOP. He’s tapped into the blue dog working class democrats that propelled Ronald Reagan to victory. They’re essential for the general election, but many may not vote for Cruz alone.
  2. The Trump campaign believes that his campaign potentially opens up states like NY, and New Jersey that otherwise are solid Blue. The more states that are in play, the better the odds come November.
  3. Trumps campaign is a huge anti-establishment movement wave. The GOP needs to harness that energy.
  4. Trumps won most of states and delegates so far. He is the most likely to reach 1237 before the convention, and to win on the first ballot.
  5. Trump has lots of money to fund him. Freedom from financial corruption is unique to his campaign, and a powerful factor.

Why Trump Needs Cruz

  1. Cruz’s policy positions are much more detailed and thought out. His tax plan for instance is implementable, and wont drive up the debt.
  2. Cruz won the second most states and delegates so far. He is the most likely to reach 1237 in a second vote if needed at the convention. He’s also supported by significant part of the rank and file GOP, but many may not vote for Trump alone.
  3. Cruz has a massive, state-by-state organization and ground game, which Trump lacks. Such an organization is essential to win the general election, and his campaign is tactically way ahead of Trumps.
  4. Cruz can provide list of solid SCOTUS nominees, to replace devastating loss of Justice Scalia. Will be a big motivator for many GOP rank and file.

Why Each Needs The Other

  1. Each may need to other to prevent the GOP establishment from stealing the nomination in Cleveland.
  2. Together, they’ve received over 65% of all votes cast so far, and over 80% of all delegates. The GOP must come out of the convention united behind its nominee. The potential for that to happen without Cruz and Trump calling for it is unlikely.
  3. Success in November should kick off a long-term strategy to keep Democrats out of the White House for decades. It will take changing the GOP, thinking long term, sound conservative policies, and educating the population on why liberal policies are so destructive. The Establishment proved that it wont deliver, so it must returned to its limited government roots. That will take time, and failure is not an option.


  • Now that Donald Trump is sure to capture the GOP nomination, the calls for Ted Cruz to support his campaign are mounting, and for good reason.

Democrat Establishment Mob Stops Rally

rp_343744229_150_150.jpgFriday’s organized protest and counter rally at a Donald Trump Campaign rally in Chicago thankfully ended with minimal violence. Political analysis, including comments from GOP Presidential contenders Marco Rubio, John Kasich, and Ted Cruz are pointing to Trump’s tone as the reason for the protests.

Cruz: “When the candidate urges supporters to engage in physical violence, to punch people in the face, the predictable consequence of that is that it escalates.”

According to Fox News, Kasich said in a statement that the seeds of division his campaign had planted finally bore fruit, and it was ugly.

Seeking political advantage while camouflaging the purveyors of anarchy only serves to increase the chances of violence the next time, and there will be a next time, whether Trump is involved or not.

There is great danger in mis-diagnosing the cause of this protest, and the cause has nothing to do with Trump.

Some of the protesters chanted Bernie! Bernie! and carried Sanders campaign signs. Some called themselves Chicago community activists, likely in the Saul Alinsky/Barack Obama model.

MoveOn.org executive director Ilya Sheyman stated that his organization was responsible for organizing the violence. Since MoveOn.org endorsed Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton, will Bernie be asked to condemn them?

America is increasingly witnessing massive, confrontational and at times violent demonstrations. From Ferguson, MO to Baltimore, MD huge crowds formed, long before Trump came on the scene as a presidential candidate on 16 June, 2016. Many other people and organizations were, however, on the scene and playing pivotal roles in these uprisings.

Barack Obama has repeatedly sided with protestors over law enforcement. His Justice Department following suit by investigating police departments, over anarchists.

Increasingly militant organizations like Black Lives Matter and the New Black Panthers are present, and radicals like terroristBill Ayers promote these protests. Funding comes from people like democrat and Marxistbillionaire George Soros through sponsored organizations like Move On.Org.

The strategy behind creating, organizing, and capitalizing upon such movements and demonstrations comes straight from the radical left, having its roots in the writings and teachings of Carl Marx, Friedrich Engels, Saul Alinsky, Richard Cloward and Francis Fox Piven, and the many leftists in America who were taught their tactics and are now putting them into practice.

“You never want to let a serious crisis go to waste”, words spoken by Rahm Emanuel, Obamas former Chief of Staff, underscores the thinking. If you can’t have an organic crisis, create it. Use the ensuing unrest and violence to push your agenda forward.

Blaming Donald Trump for this is like blaming someone for getting robbed in their own home. We must assign the blame where it belongs, or there will be ever more protests with ever more violent results.

Blame the protest organizers. Blame those that fund the protests. Blame those that pay to bus in protesters. Blame the ones that attack constitutional rights of freedom of speech and freedom of assembly. Blame the ones in the administration who bread a climate of extremism and excuse those that rise to commit violence. Don’t provide a scapegoat!

The GOP isplaying with fire. Blaming Trump, in order to score tactical election points, excuses the destructive leftist strategy at play. Allowing it escape scrutiny will only cause larger, and likely more aggressive attempts to shut down political rallies, and perhaps even the GOP Convention. This in turn is a dagger at the heart of American Democracy; for without freedom of speech and freedom of assembly, we have no America!

Is Conservative Talk Radio Turning On Trump?

AM 630 Talk Radio

AM 630 Talk Radio

Have we witnessed the first evidence of a chink in Donald Trump’s venerable campaign armor?

Trump entered the GOP Presidential Nomination race and vaulted from laughable entrant in June of 2015 to front-runner within a little over 30 days. Establishment Republicans and the media attacked Trump from the beginning. It took months of sustained front-runner status for them to conclude that he was going to stay in the race, and that his motivation wasnt publicity, as first speculated.

Despite making numerous statements that the establishment touted as campaign ending, he continued to hold a steady national lead among the GOP field. Trump appeared immune to attacks, blunders and condemnation. The one place that he was not universally condemned however was in conservative talk radio.

Four people specifically avoided the Oklahoma Land Rush to stop Trump. Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, and Laura Ingraham maintained an even keeled assessment of Trump. They neither endorsed, nor condemned him, but analyzed his ability to dominate media cycles, drown out fellow candidates, and silence critics while taking the fight to his opponents. The result was Trump had top cover within the listening audience, to make his case. Many gave him the benefit of the doubt, and so his support base grew within conservative ranks, but also among independents and some democrat demographics, such as blue-collar workers. Trumps honeymoon with the above four talk radio hosts began to erode in December.

When Ted Cruzs numbers began to steadily rise in Iowa and nationally in early November, Trump moved in to put him down, as he had with Bush in the summer, and Carson in the fall. This time the talk radio reaction was different. The big fourdid not provide nearly the top cover that they had in previous months. They began to question Trump, and at times sided with Ted Cruz. Mark Levin became openly critical, condemning the ludicrous Trump charge that Cruz was ineligible to run for president for example.

The impactmay have played out in Iowa, where Trump lost to Ted Cruz by three points, despite the polls, including entrance polls, predictinga Trump victory.

Both Cruz and Rubio exceeded polling expectations in Iowa, in the highest GOP turnout in history. Trump sagged! Clearly both Cruz and Rubio had strong ground games, which Trumps campaign did not. That likely played a factor as well, but the impact of conservative talk radio on this election should not be underestimated.

The Establishment GOP is reaping the consequences from years of ignoring the will of its base. Rush Limbaugh led the analysisexposing the betrayal. Donald Trump benefited from a retaliatory anger, but the bloom may be off the conservative media rose, and if so, only time will tell if he can capture the nomination without it.

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