Making Mountains out of Mole Hills and Mole Hills out of Mountains

One of the key progressive tactics is to create straw men issues out of tiny or non-existent issues, fabricating “mountains out of mole hills”, while at the same time downplaying real crises and ignoring them, in effect turning real mountains into mole hills. In many cases, the left completely makes up the mountain out of whole cloth, Republican “War on Women?” Please! What better way to show this strategy than to list some examples, all to the detriment of our country, by the way.

Mountains out of Mole Hills:

  • Republicans out to kill the elderly, indigent, women and children (yet death panels and abortions are democrat’s designs)
  • Class warfare (self-fulfilling prophecy) – The wealthy are rich because the steal from the poor. The Poor have no wealth because the rich keep it all. Income inequality.
  • Coconut oil is bad for you –We no longer use it to make popcorn, but contrary to claims it has been proven to have many positive effects such as reducing the impacts of Alzheimers .
  • Salt will kill you –Latest studies say this is way over blown.
  • Debt reduction/Balanced Budget – Any movement in this direction destroys the country, evil Republicans, “women and minorities hardest hit”.
  • Voter ID laws exist to disenfranchise the minority vote In fact they are essential to keep our elections honest, no dead people need show up to vote.
  • Comprehensive Immigration Reform Only 3% of Americans think this is a top priority.
  • White Privilege Itself a racist screed, taught across the progressive educational spectrum. Do progressives feel guilty because the Democrat Party has such a racist history?
  • The Population Bomb, we’ll soon be forced to eat the bodies of our dead!

The above list is just a drop in the bucket, but hopefully makes the point. Be on the lookout for this tactic from the left! I’d be interested to hear what other examples you can list to further the cataloging of progressives crying wolf and making mountains out of mole hills to create national, and often global, panic in order to advance their agenda.

Mole Hills out of Mountains:

  • Hillary Clinton, the DNC and the Obama Administration’s actual involvementwith the Russians. Uranium One Sale, $145M to the Clinton Foundation, Hired Russians to make up dirt on Donald Trump.
  • IRS Harassment of Conservative Groups, Tea Party
  • Benghazi (Avoidable murders of 4 Patriotic Americans)
  • The Loss of the Middle East to Terrorism
  • Fast and Furious
  • US’s crushing deficit
    • Long term liabilities of Social Security, Medicare, etc.
    • Increasing magnitude of paying back debt as % of budget (OMB projections are that the annual cost of interest on the National Debt will exceed the Defense Budget in approximately 2020).
    • Impacts on future generations (What we are doing is enslaving them to massive taxation)
  • Obamacare – Hardly a day goes by without another story coming out detailing the harm ObamaCare’s implementation is having on our country: Death Panels, Rapidly rising costs, Single Payer Government Controlled end state.
  • Democratic Party’s history of radical racism
  • Crushing impacts of Big Government regulations on free trade, free enterprise, and US economy.
  • War on Christianity– Even the Pope is concerned, (Army warns against Christians, Tea Party), Latest, 90,000 Christians Killed in 2017 for their Faith
  • Drug Violence spilling over from Mexico
  • Unions killing industries, public sector unions killing local, state, federal budgets
  • High taxes- Damaging US businesses, forcing capital offshore, Americans renouncing their US citizenship (look at the impacts of high taxes – New York, California, vs Texas
  • Banning of Gulf Oil Drilling (despite federal judicial rulings to the contrary)
  • Voter fraud
  • Failing US education system– From K-12 and into Universities (nearly 8 out of 10 NY City high school graduates can’t read).
  • Opposite of contrived GOP “war on women”, true war on women in the Islamic world.
  • “Clean Energy”
  • Crony Capitalism (gov’t choosing winners and losers).
  • Cost of College Education
  • Failure in War on Poverty

These two lists are in no way meant to be comprehensive. Sadly, there are far more examples that pop up every week.