New Mainstream Media and Democrat Tactics

As if the mainstream media wasn’t partisan enough, there appears to be a new and even more extreme series of stories coming out that follow the lying lead of major Democrats. These are stories that aren’t just slanted or biased in the progressive direction, but are outright lies disguised as news stories.  Let’s take two examples.

First the recent New York Times story claiming that a video was responsible for the four Americans murdered in Benghazi. The absurdity of that claim, which was first concocted and spread by president Obama, Hillary Clinton and Democrats for nearly a month after the attack on 11 September, 2012 was proven false.  Not only false, but it was shown to be an absolute smokescreen, an apparent cover-up to protect the administration and Hillary Clinton. The second example involves an AP story, which claims that Obama care will not impact your job, your hours or your ability to keep them.  How that claim can be made is stunning.  Not only is it inaccurate, but it flies in the face of people across this country who already lost their jobs  or had their hours cut to part-time due to Obama care.  (Since I first posted this blog, the CBO released a report that highlights the terrible effects that Obama care will have on employment.)

Given the brazen nature of these stories, one has to ask if this is a new tactic?  Has the media decided that they must engage in an entirely new level of deception to camouflage the progressive agenda and provide cover for Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Hillary Clinton, etc.?

These new types of stories come at the same time that another very disturbing progressive tactic may be surfacing.  Dinesh D’Souza, a conservative filmmaker, was just brought up on campaign finance charges in the state of New York.  At the same time, conservative activist James O’Keefe is claiming that NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo is targeting his organization with intimidation, similar to how the IRS went after conservative groups, and may still be at it.  As an aside, the IRS is now trying to change policy in order to institutionalize their ability to intimidate in the future as they did to conservative groups since Obama took office.

As a retired member of the military, we used to proudly state that although we might disagree with what you have to say, we would defend with our lives you’re right to say it.  Is this belief no longer alive in America?  Have we entered a new era of governmental intrusion and intimidation?  Has the left now taken so much power and become so brazen as to believe that they can wantonly target and destroy and potentially even imprison those that have the courage to dissent?

– This country needs to wake up!  Americans open your eyes!

 Without freedom of speech, without the ability to speak one’s mind free from governmental reprisal, we are headed down the road to authoritarianism, and that path is a one-way street!

The Fallacy of Unemployment Insurance Benefits

President Obama and prominent democrats are once again pushing an increase to unemployment benefits. They even label them as “emergency” payments while at the same time telling us that the economy is rebounding and growing stronger. One of the left’s claims to sell the program extension, a clear fallacy of unemployment insurance benefits, is that it would create jobs.

Saying that paying unemployment benefits creates jobs is like saying digging a hole creates dirt!dirt_pile

Money that goes out to one person in unemployment payments first gets taken from another as a tax. The tax creates a hole in their bank account just as digging creates a hole in the ground. Leftist economic illiteracy claims that the payments create jobs as each person spends their unemployment checks, bringing revenue to businesses such as heating companies and grocery stores.

What’s missed, either through ignorance or deception, is that the person who got taxed no longer has their own money to spend on heat or groceries, negating every unemployment check dollar. In reality, it’s far more likely that the extension of benefits costs the economy jobs due to government inefficiency, but it most certainly doesn’t create any.


Trustworthy is a word that means very simply “worthy of trust”.  When applied to the Democrats and the president you need to question if they are still worthy of trust?  If someone shows a pattern of deceit, they should no longer be trustworthy.

One example brings this question into focus.  For three years the president of the United States promised the American people that if they liked their plan they could keep it.  We now know the Democrats in Congress knew back in 2010 that this was inaccurate at best and a lie at worst.  We also know that the administration knew that this was not true in 2010 as well. Despite that knowledge, the president sold the affordable care act as a law that would only affect Americans who wanted to participate in it.  This was absolutely incorrect, and the Democrats and the president knew it all along!  Not only did they know it, but when Republicans repeatedly made this point they were ridiculed and attacked, as is the common bullying tactic of the left.  Harry Reid actually had the gall to claim that every American horror story about Obama care is a lie!

I have to ask the question, which I’ve yet to hear anyone else ask, what else do Democrats know that we haven’t found out about yet?

  • Did they also know in 2010 that the cost of Obama care was going to far exceed what they were telling the American people?  Democrats originally sold it as costing under $900 billion over 10 years.  Projections are that it will cost the American taxpayers at least double that, and maybe much more than double.
  • Did they know that many Americans were going to lose the doctors that they love and respect and have been going to for years?
  • Did they know that the average costs of these plans were going to be far more than what Americans were paying before the law was passed?
  • Did they know that the deductibles were going to go up?
  • Did they know that Obama care was going to force many doctors to retire rather than put up with it?

Republicans and conservatives made all of these points before the law was passed! Democrats and the president ridiculed them and called them “extremists”.  We now know all of these tragedies are true!  The real question that should be asked in the media and by Americans is when did the Democrats know, and what else do they know that they’re not admitting to? This question should apply much more broadly than just to Obama care.  It should be applied to immigration reform for instance.  Conservatives are pointing out the many flaws and potential disasters, the second and third order effects, of comprehensive immigration reform only to again be demonized by Democrats.  The conservatives were right on Obama care and they are right on issues such as immigration.  We just found out that the Obama administration was cooking the books on reporting deportations.

Every American needs to ask themselves how “worthy of trust” are the Democrats on any issue now that we know that they lied on Obama care?  Sadly, President Obama has our allies asking the same question!

Latest Updates:

– Obama Care Fraud: Jonathan Gruber, an Obama care architect, admits writing the law to fool the “stupid” American voters!

– Kentucky Senate Candidate Alison Grimes (D) is lying about her support for the coal industry

– Administration was warned over the last two years that the explosion in illegal immigration was coming.

– President still says that U.S. Southern Border more secure than ever!

– Majority of Americans now agree

– MIchelle Obama has now joined the party – “Experts: Michelle Obama Cited Bogus Study Showing Drastic Drop in Childhood Obesity”.