Clinton Wikileaks Revelations

NOTE: So much crying about how the Russians hacked these emails yet Clinton says it’s impossible anybody hacked her illicit home-brew email server???


  • Podesta called Sen Bernie Sanders a Doofus
  • Focus group tested that Obama’s father was a Muslim
  • President Obama know about Hillary’s secret emails, used pseudonym to communicate
  • Asked potential voters about Obama’s past cocaine use
  • Campaign believed Obama committed voter fraud in 2008
  • Obama knew about Clinton’s private email server
  • Aides thought Obama’s remarks about private server didn’t make sense
  • Bernie’s healthcare plan: “His actual proposal sucks, but we live in a leftie alternative universe”
  • Hilllary’s Campaign/DMC rigged primaries against Sanders

Gross Hypocrisy

  • Clinton has “Public and Private position” on issues
  • Clinton wanted Obamacare to “Unravel”
  • Campaign found women paid less than men at Clinton Foundation
  • Podesta listed potential VP Candidates by racial and gender “Food Groups”
  • Clinton claimed Saudi Arabia and Qatar funded ISIS, but still took money from them
  • Clinton comments to Brazilian bank that her dream was a hemispheric trade zone with “open trade and open borders.”
  • Moroccan King paid Clinton Foundation $12M for her to attend event in Morocco
  • Bill Clinton received $1M “birthday gift” from Qatar, while Hillary Sec State
  • Clinton showed concern about vetting refugees, knew ISIS would infiltrate Syrians
  • Clinton bragged about being invited to Putin’s “Inner Sanctum”
  • Clinton praises Putin “An Engaging and Very Interesting Conversationalist”
  • Clinton said she’s removed from “Struggles of Middle Class”
  • Clinton attacked Catholics and Evangelicals (Catholicism is “an amazing bastrdization of the faith.”
  • Clinton Campaign manager (Podesta) set up two front groups to instigate a revolution within the Catholic Church, a Catholic Spring
  • Clinton admitted Syria no-Fly Zone would be very difficult
  • Clinton went back and forth over Keystone Pipeline
  • Clinton said Fracking was a “Gift” in paid speech
  • Clinton praised Wall Street in paid speeches
  • Clinton supported plan that would cut social security
  • Paid people to incite vilolence at Trump events
  • Conspired to hide emails from Congress
  • Believed Iran Nuclear agreement was “…the greatest appeasement since Chamberlain gave Czechoslovakia to Hitler.”

Media/Government Collusion

  • rp_Minion-Media-379x1024.pngPolitico reporter offered campaign chance to edit story
  • 37 Page Poll Rigging Operations Guide
  • CNBS’s John Harwood offered advice
  • NYT allowed quote edits
  • Boston Globe pumped up campaign
  • Univision pressured to attack Trump
  • MSNBC producer praised Clinton
  • Campaign bragged about media support
  • Donna Brazile leaked Town Hall/Debate question
  • Campaign colluded with DOJ and State Department over released documents
  • “Off the recotd” dinner with 25 press attendees”
  • Glen Thrush from Politico admits to being a Hillary “Hack”

Hillary and Underling Thoughts of Democrats/Americans

  • Podesta called Latinos “Needy”, Latino outreach is “taco bowl engagement”
  • Called other liberals “Pompous”, “Naive”, “Dumb”, “Radical”, “Freeks who need to Get A Life”
  • Clinton Campaign wants “unaware” and “compliant” citizenry
  • Donald Trump supporters are “a basket of deplorables” and “irredeemable”
  • “Clinton’s treatement of Dept State agents on her protective detail was so contemptuous that many of them sought reassignment or employment elsewhere”
  • Most blacks and Muslims will fail no matter the situation

Clinton Campaign Staff Revelations

  • Podesta wished San Bernadino shooter was named “Chris”
  • Mook called Clintons taxes and health “Hyper Sensitive issues”
  • Clinton hated using phrase “Everyday Americans”
  • Hillary needs a podium, unable to Walk around
  • Hillary called “Spacey”, “Doesn’t seem to know what planet we are all living in”
  • Staff says she is “arrogant” and has a “character problem”

Sources: Wikileaks -John Podesta’s Purported hacked account emails, Hannity/Fox News, Millennium Report, Lifezette

Other Clinton Scandal Summaries:

Clinton Email Releases the Key to Server’s Legality

rp_Slide1-300x225.jpgMonday’s federal court ruling directing the State Department to release Hillary Clinton’s emails in small batches, instead of waiting for a massive dump in 2016 underscores my 15 March Blog regarding the classified nature of her “private” server. With over 32,000 emails, the server likely contained enough aggregated sensitive information that it would have been classified, perhaps at the SECRET or TOP-SECRET level. Given that the server’s existence was supposedly unknown to the State Department, it was not set up by government experts, nor cleared for classified information. Penalties for exposing classified information are significant, and could easily result in fines and imprisonment see 18 USC 798.

The significance of the pending email releases is in the number of redactions applied by State Department personnel, and the number of emails that are outright kept from Americans because of their sensitive nature. Watch for the redactions and withheld emails. Any one of which could be classified and in turn classify the entire server, and taint anything else stored on it.

Not only is this a potentially criminal act, it disqualifies Hillary from any run at public office since her judgment shows a complete disregard for national security.

Experts stated that it’s almost a certainty that her server was hacked, and likely many times, by multiple governments, China and Russia chief among them. Hillary Clinton, as our Secretary of State, put her personal desires above the Nation’s security, and the American People’s. It’s time that she was held accountable.


– The first 300 emails, related to Benghazi, were released by the State Department, and no surprise, they contain redactions. As predicted, the server definitely contained at least SECRET information, albeit information that was not marked classified until seen by the FBI. What remains to be seen is what the fall out will mean to Hillary Clinton’s campaign. If she was anybody else, she’d be hiring a lawyer and fearing jail time.

– Now, dozens more emails have been classified by the State Department. As predicted, Secretary Clinton thought more of her security, than of NATIONAL SECURITY.

Released Emails

Top 10 Stories of the Week (15-21 Mar 15)

1. House Budget Committee’s 2016 Budget Blueprint

2. Texas Judge Believes Justice Department Misled Him Over Illegal Amnesty

3. Gowdy Seeks Hillary’s Email Server

4. Intelligence Officials Say Hillary’s Email Hacked by Foreign Governments

5. The Missing Question In The Hillary Email Scandal

6. Greenpeace Co-founder Global Warming Skeptic

7. Iran Endorses Nuclear EMP Attack On US

8. DHS Released 30,000 More Illegal Alien Criminals

9. Obama Administration Sets New Record for Lack of Transparency

10. Bibi Wins!

The Missing Question in the Hillary Email Scandal?

Example SECRET Coversheet Required for Every US Government SECRET Document

Example SECRET Coversheet Required for Every US Government SECRET Document

Washington is abuzz with stories involving Hillary Clinton and the private Chappaqua email server she used during her tenure as Secretary of State. Note that I did not write, as many mistakenly do, a “secret email server”. The definition of ‘SECRET’ is precise, and involves a server set up and cleared to handle up to the SECRET level of classified information.

Hillary’s server was “private”, not SECRET.

During her press conference Clinton stated that under absolutely no circumstance had she emailed classified information in fact arrogantly stating that she knew what classified was and there is no way that she would transmit classified data.

Hillary made several revealing statements at her 10 March 15 press conference.

CLINTON: “Well, the system we used was set up for President Clinton’s office. And it had numerous safeguards. It was on property guarded by the Secret Service. And there were no security breaches.”

CLINTON: “So, I think that the, the use of that server, which started with my husband, certainly proved to be effective and secure.”

Secure and certified to hold classified information are two very different things. Also, it may have been secure from a burglar stealing it, but secure from hacking, is not likely.

CLINTON: “I did not email any classified material to anyone on my email. There is no classified material. So I’m certainly well-aware of the classification requirements and did not send classified material.”

Hillary Clinton’s statements appear specific to obviously classified documents. These are identified with cover sheets that mark them as:

CONFIDENTIAL: Unauthorized release of which would cause “Damage to National Security”

SECRET: Unauthorized release of which would cause “Serious Damage to National Security”

TOP-SECRET: Unauthorized release of which would cause “Exceptionally Grave Damage to National Security”

In addition to covers sheets, they contain stamps, headers and footers on every page and paragraph to clearly denote the existing classification level. One would expect that Hillary Clinton would know not to transmit that information or receive it on an unclassified server in her home, as that would be a violation of US law.

But there’s another type of classified that is not nearly so obvious as a document that has a stamp on it and a red or blue cover.

Information in an email or a document by itself may not be classified, but if that information is put together with other emails or documents in such a way that the whole of the information exposes/composes CONFIDENTIAL, SECRET or TOP-SECRET information then in aggregate those emails/documents themselves become classified. This USDA White Paper provides a clear discussion on the complexities of protecting classified information.

I challenge Hillary Clinton’s assertion that she in fact knows what classified information is. I spent most of my adult life holding a security clearance and having to deal with the rules, regulations, forms and training involving protection classified information and faced with the dangers and penalties of compromising classified information.

Considering that Hillary Clinton was forced to release over 50,000 emails to the State Department from her private server, was Secretary of State for over four years, and on a daily basis discussed and handled large amounts of CONFIDENTIAL, SECRET and TOP-SECRET information, it defies all rational belief that the sum total of those 30,000+ emails would not be in aggregate at least SECRET if not TOP-SECRET.

Given that fact, the classification of Hillary’s server itself would then become classified at the same SECRET or TOP-SECRET level, and every email or document that went in and every one that she sent from it would be tainted by that classification. You can bet that of those 30,000+ emails released to the State Department, some are going to be withheld from the general public because of their sensitive and or classified nature. For example, how many FOIA requests are made to Obama’s Government each year where the responses contain no redactions, or withheld documents declared protected by executive privilege?

What also remains to be seen is how many critical emails Hillary Clinton deleted, destroyed or erased before deciding upon the 30,000+ that she did send to the State Department. Congressman Trey Gowdey stated that there are significant gaps in the timelines of her emails that drives great doubt into her statement that she released all but her private emails. Those would certainly be high candidates for classification.

The bottom line is that in my professional opinion there’s a 100% probability that the sum total of information on that drive is actually SECRET or TOP-SECRET. Given that no claim has been made that it was a classified server set up by the federal government with the associated firewalls, protections, and backups required to protect such information, Hillary Clinton violated the classification requirements of her security clearance and the law.


– It took 4 months, but I’ve been proven correct. Hillary DID Send classified information, hundreds of emails now under IG investigation.