Trump’s Victory and the Principles of War, Part III

P-51 Mustangs Over Washington D.C., 8 May, 2015; Arsenal of Democracy Flyover

P-51 Mustangs Over Washington D.C., 8 May, 2015; Arsenal of Democracy Flyover

  • This is Part III of my analysis of the 2016 Presidential Election through the lens of the Principles of War (Definitions of each Principle)

Trumps Victory And The Principles of War: Part I

Trump’s Victory And The Principles of War: Part II

  • Simplicity: The more moving parts a campaign or operation has, the more likely something will break down and compromise the outcome. Donald Trump’s campaign was as simple as it could get, from his message to his operations, and broke the mold on how to wage successful presidential campaigns. Compared to Hilary, and his main GOP primary contenders, Trump spent less money, hired far fewer people in his campaign, and manned far fewer statewide victory offices. Trump did not pull out of campaigning to spend weeks plotting his responses to debate questions, holding mock debates where every possible response could be scripted and poll tested like Hillary did. He relied on simplicity, where he went out and talked directly to the American people, in person and through social media. Trump had only a few key surrogates, like Kelly Ann Conway and Newt Gingrich, who engaged the Minion Media directly, and that kept his message tight and consistent.

Trump relied on key paid campaign staff, volunteers and local GOP Party support for his simple election day operations, and they combined their efforts to defeat what was supposed to be the most vaunted political machine in history. Trump’s faith in his supporters getting out votes for him, was the epitome of Simplicity, and decentralized execution.

Hillary’s campaign was the polar opposite of Trump’s. Her campaign was a big money, high personnel, high spending, “Minion Media” colluding and intimidating effort that failed to see or believe the inroads Trump’s campaign was making in the “Blue Firewall” and traditional democrat voters. Hillary’s message was convoluted, complex, and failed to connect with voters outside of the progressive coasts.

Joint Principals (added post 911):

  • Restraint: Democrats are known for going for the throat, and Hillary was anything but restrained. She claimed the High Road but evidence such as the Wikileaks dump of her campaign manager John Podesta’s emails clearly showed they played dirty, including colluding with the media to get debate questions, and plotting with the DNC on how to rig the primaries against Bernie Sanders. In the general, her claims of racism and bigotry were nothing but a transparent effort to use identity politics to destroy the GOP candidate. Thankfully, Trump did not unduly restrain himself, and Hillary’s campaign had difficulty dealing with him as a result.

The Allies did not win WWII by using restraint. Fire bombings of German cites like Dresden or the bombing of Hiroshima were not example of restraint. Given that, Donald Trumps campaign was not an example of restraint. Previous Republican like McCain and Romney lost because they were grossly restrained. Republican voters were looking for a candidate to take the fight to democrats, and they elected Trump.

  • Perseverance: Trump clearly followed this Principle. He never retreated, never backed down, never slowed down, and never quit despite calls from media pundits through out the campaign that he was just in it for the publicity, to start a media company, as a fake to help Hillary, and other fake news motivations. In addition, Donald Trump was assailed by more negative press, accusations of racism, sexism, Islamophobia and bigotry than any successful candidate ever. Most others would have wilted under the assault, but Trump persevered and won.

Hillary on the other hand showed a lack of perseverance. She was ill, sat out the campaign for days at a time, and held a very light campaign schedule compared to Trumps. She did outlast her illicit home-brew email server scandal, but it eroded her already poor credibility. Hillary’s lifetime of baggage, combined with her server, the Clinton Foundation FBI investigation and the Wikileaks exposure finally did her in.

  • Legitimacy: As far as we know, both campaigns operated within the legal rules. Hillary morally acted outside those bounds by accepting debate questions and engaging in media collusion and DNC favoritism during the primaries. Cries of Trump not accepting potential election results gave way to Hillary and democrats not accepting the actual election results crying (illegitimate Russian intervention). Ironically, America depends upon the peaceful transfer of power from legitimate president to another. Democrats are out to delegitimize Donald Trumps presidency, and risk anarchy in the process.

5 Questions The “Minion Media” Won’t Ask About “Russian Election Meddling”

In the latest progressive meme, the “Minion Media”, The White House, and Democrat politicians around every corner are crying that the Russian Government hacked the Democrats to change the 8 November election in Donald Trumps favor. Note: democrats are blaming the Russian Government, Putin himself, not some random unsponsored Russian hacker.

The Minion Media ignores the real questions, while running full speed creating another Mountain out of a Mole Hill. The questions that they should be asking are:

Why would Putin want Trump elected over Hillary? Bill Clinton traveled to Russia and got paid a massive speaking fee. The Clintons helped broker a deal where the Russians bought 20% of US uranium mines. The Clinton Foundation received over $100M from wealthy donors involved with the deal.

Why harm an ideologically aligned globalist like Hillary over an anti-globalist like Trump? Democrats are known for loving communists and Marxists, and socialists, which is well documented in Trevor Loudon’s book The Enemies Within.

FBI Director Comey stated that it was extremely likely that Hillary’s illicit home-brew server was hacked by at least 5 foreign governments. If we can assume, as democrats are, that Russia hacked Podesta’s Gmail account, its a safe bet they hacked Hillary’s home-brew server, and have copies of all of her 33,000+ destroyed emails. If they have those emails, which would very likely contain damming information, why would the Russians not also use them to trash Hillary’s campaign?

Could the Russians have been led to John Podesta’s Gmail account from Hillary’s hacked home-brew server? Perhaps Podesta was hacked only because they had information from her unprotected, unsanctioned, and illegal server, and brought this on herself? This is, after all, why government employees must use protected government computers to conduct Americas business?

Why did Wikileaks publish Podesta’s emails yet nothing from Trump? Because Podesta’swere EARTH SHATTERING!

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange said WikiLeaks has ‘some information’ about Trump’s campaign but he can’t compete with what the candidate himself says”. In other words, I can’t harm Donald Trump anymore than he appears to harm himself, so why bother.

These questions, all very simple and basic for any true journalist, wont get asked let alone answered by the Minion Media or the progressives egging them on because they are devastating to Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party. They will continue the Snipe Hunt instead, in a clear effort to delegitimize Trump’s election, and to destabilize America.

Trump’s Victory And The Principles Of War, Part II

Trump’s Victory And The Principles of War: Part III

  • Maneuver: The most prominent tactic in the Trump Campaign was his use of massive rallies. Trump crisscrossed the country hitting battle ground state after battle ground state, attending multiple rallies a day, often 7 days a week. He out maneuvered Hillary Clinton’s lack luster campaign, as she often took numerous days off, and let others campaign for her. Not only did Trump out maneuver Hillary in campaign appearances, he did so on social media, to dramatic effect as well. Trump often appeared on Fox News at night, constantly hammering his message.  David Brock himself criticized her campaign by stating

“the fact that the campaign had no discernable online strategy.”

Donald Trump’s best use of maneuver was his wildly successful strategy to open up new, once solidly blue, battleground states. Trump was roundly criticized by beltway pundits for wasting his time, money, and energy in states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Its clear now that the waste was in the out maneuvered Hillary Campaign.

  • Unity of Command: Donald Trump was clearly in charge of his campaign. If anything, there was constant critique that he didn’t listen to his advisors enough. There were even inaccurate reports that they took his Twitter account away, which would have hampered some other of the other Principles, which relied upon social media. That Unity of Command extended through his campaign advisors, staff and family. Trump exercised that Unity when he replaced Corey Lewandowski, his campaign manager, on 20 Jul despite Corey’s wildly successful performance during the Republican nomination process.

President Obama and numerous other surrogates heavily bolstered Hillary’s campaign by covering for her small and lackluster campaign events. She was missing from the campaign trail for days at a time, and despite her initial boast that as a woman she was best qualified to be president, she called for help from men as it appeared that she was unable to hold her own. Additionally, Hillary practically outsourced her campaign to the “Minion Media”, relying on them for fawning coverage and leaked debate questions.

Centralized control and decentralized execution are central components of Unity of Command. Trump’s campaign, unlike Romney’s for instance, succeeded because it was decentralized in execution, adaptive and flexible as a result since it relied on local volunteers.

  • Security: Trump frequently spoke during the campaign about the stupidity of broadcasting America’s plans to our enemies, like ISIS, before acting. He understands the importance of Security in running a successful business, and instinctively understands it’s critical to national security. Trump’s campaign never broke this Principle.

The greatest impact of the Principle of Security was Hillary’s gross violation of it. First, Hillary’s violated Security when she exposed National Secrets through her home- brew email server, which haunted her campaign throughout the election. Second, Julian Assange and Wikileaks provided another massive violation of campaign security. Assange released over 50,000 emails from Hillary’s Campaign Manager, John Podesta, and exposed the inner most workings of Hillary’s Campaign and how they colluded with the Minion Media. We will never know exactly how damaging these two breaches of Security were, but they most certainly didn’t help her.

  • Surprise: No Principal of War epitomizes the 2016 election more than the Principle of Surprise. To believe the Minion Media, even Trump himself was surprised that he won, which is ridiculous. Certainly the RCP averages did not predict his win, but there was plenty of evidence that Hillary was in a fight from polling to energy among Trump’s supporters. Political races are known for October Surprises, and Hillary’s was the Billy Bush tape. The Trump Campaign’s surprise was succeeding in his campaign strategy, to turn solid blue states red. He did so in WI, MI, and PN, and Maine’s 2nd Congressional District despite the wizards of smart and Hillary’s Campaign saying that it was folly. According to Hunter Lewis, one of the campaign’s most brilliant examples of surprise, and this could fall under the Principle of Maneuver and Offensive as well, was Trump’s press conference just prior to the second presidential debate.

“With virtually no time either to think or act, the Trump campaign managed to organize a press conference before the debate featuring accusers of Bill Clinton. It got the mainstream media to cover it by heralding it as Trump’s reply to the tape, with no mention of the women invited to join him. Once the cameras were already on, and the women filed in, it was too late for the networks to turn them off.”

Trump’s Campaign effectively used “Surprise”, but the effect was amplified because of Hillary’s Campaign the Democrat Party’s hubris.

These Are The 3 Big 2016 Election Issues

rp_343744229_150_150.jpgPart I: Sustaining America’s Safety:

The 2016 election is about 3 issues critical to sustaining America for today’s and tomorrow’s Americans.

  • The Number 1 Issue in the 2016 presidential election is sustaining Americans’ safety within our borders. The list of recent radical Islamic terrorist mass murders includes Orlando, San Bernardino, Chattanooga, Boston, Washington DC Navy Yard, and Fort Hood to name a few. A much longer list can be found here. This list details 2016 attacks only. In addition to threats from radical Islamists, there are radical forces gaining ground in our inner cities. There were over 300 murders in Chicago alone in 2016 so far, over 2 per day. The police pull back out of fear that they may end up behind bars for aggressive enforcement (known as the Ferguson Effect). The Dallas Police massacre, brought on by radical elements in Black Lives Matter, the Peoples New Black Panther Party and The Black Power Political Organization. This fear reaches across the nation, and is due to Obama administration policies targeting police over criminals. The rules of engagement for our law enforcement at home are now as ridiculous as the ones for our military overseas.
  • Fear is a powerful motivator, and sadly in America and the Western world today, terrorism is on the rise causing fear of intimidation, assaults, rapes and murders. Policies that keep all Americans safe will resonate, and those that imperil all Americans will repel. The key in 2016 is to clearly articulate the first from the second.
    • Open Borders/Unchecked Immigration: America’s open borders contribute directly to the growing dangers in our country. Democrat policies encourage illegal immigration and sanctuary cities, dissuade law enforcement and border patrol officers from actively enforcing the Nations immigration laws and actively settle millions of illegal aliens throughout America. No sane Nation would allow this, let alone encourage it, but Democrats do. Given the shear numbers of illegal immigrants, there are no doubt significant numbers of drug cartel members, Mexican, Central and South American gang members, and radical Islamic terrorists among them, and they put all American lives and our way of life at risk.
    • NOTE: The GOP establishment supports open immigration as well, and twice failed pushing comprehensive immigration reform (a.k.a. amnesty) through.
    • National Identity/Sovereignty: America’s national identity is imperiled. The longer unchecked immigration continues, the greater the odds America will lose its unique, and beautiful national identity and eventually its sovereignty. A nation without borders is not a nation at all. Both disdain for open borders illegal immigration and its impact on how deeply Americans feel about maintaining our heritage have already dramatic impacted in the GOP primary, and will be a huge factor in the general election.
    • NOTE: The recent BREXIT referendum proved how powerful self-determination is, even in Europe.
    • Safety in EU also at stake: Safety in the EU is even more at risk than here in America. Recent radical Islamic terrorist massacres across Europe in Paris, Brussels, Norway, Germany etc. show the dangers of open borders, lack of immigrant vetting, and a EU autocratic dictates. Women are more at risk of sexual assaults and rapes as the un-vetted immigrants bring anti-western values into the heart of the west. If Europe implodes, Americans face the repercussions, having fought twice in the 1900s to return stability there.
    • US greatest force for good in world history, Obama Apologetics: America is the greatest force for good in the history of the world. It is exceptional. That’s not to say that America is perfect. Nothing created by the hand of man is perfect. President Obama spouts radical progressive teachings in an attempt to compare America’s faults to the utopian ideals of disguised Marxism and socialism. That comparison is at the heart of the Common Core Agenda being forced into America’s schools. Common Core isn’t a curricula, it’s more propaganda meant to turn American youth against their country. Saul Alinsky would be proud.

A Sense of Belonging Why Trump Resonates

KC Chiefs vs Redskins FedEx Field 8 Dec 13

KC Chiefs vs Redskins FedEx Field 8 Dec 13

Humans are a social species and are ingrained with a need to belong, and its one of the reasons Trumps campaign is so powerful. Belonging is essential to humanity. We crave the others companionship, and form nearly infinite groups to soothe that craving.

Churches, national citizenship, sports teams, law enforcement organizations, the brother hood of arms, PTA, trade organizations, political parties, unions, civic organizations, political organizations, fan clubs, and rod and gun clubs name but a few.

The importance of our need to belong cant be overstated. Democrat Politicians are masters at using the same desires to belong to divide the country. They try to push each American into ever-smaller groups and to pit those groups against each other. White vs black, haves vs have-nots, LBGT vs non-LGBT, law enforcement vs oppressed, religious vs secular, majority vs minority, working vs unemployed, business owners vs employees, citizens vs immigrant, and the list goes on.

Instead of using groups to divide, Trump is harnessing that need in his quest to become President by uniting Americans. His campaigns slogan is Make America Great Again. So far, its gotten him past a Republican Primary field as large and talented as any in history. Why does it resonate?

First, any American who loves this country wants it to be great.

Second, most Americans recognize that the Democrat Party has been assaulting our country’s greatness for many years. Barack Obama just accelerated that assault, on both social and international levels.

Third, any US citizen who identifies as an American first feels that powerful unifying identity to belong to a group, other Americans.

Fourth, just like NFL football fans unify around their teams draft picks, new star players, and fresh coaches because they want their teams to win, Americans who love our country want it to win. Donald Trump hits that note in his message. You will get tired of winning once Im President because we will win at everything.

Americans love to win, and we love our Country. Trump does to.

12 Reasons Why Trump And Cruz May Need Each Other

Rally Against Big Government, Washington D.C.

Rally Against Big Government, Washington D.C.

Donald Trump likely needs Ted Cruz, and Ted Cruz likely needs Donald Trump to win the White House in November. The Republican campaign has gotten personal, but they may each need the other before the convention ends. Given the radical leftist vent dominating today’s Democrat Politicians, America will need them both to restore our Constitutional Republic.

Why Cruz Needs Trump:

  1. Trumps campaign is bringing new voters to the GOP. He’s tapped into the blue dog working class democrats that propelled Ronald Reagan to victory. They’re essential for the general election, but many may not vote for Cruz alone.
  2. The Trump campaign believes that his campaign potentially opens up states like NY, and New Jersey that otherwise are solid Blue. The more states that are in play, the better the odds come November.
  3. Trumps campaign is a huge anti-establishment movement wave. The GOP needs to harness that energy.
  4. Trumps won most of states and delegates so far. He is the most likely to reach 1237 before the convention, and to win on the first ballot.
  5. Trump has lots of money to fund him. Freedom from financial corruption is unique to his campaign, and a powerful factor.

Why Trump Needs Cruz

  1. Cruz’s policy positions are much more detailed and thought out. His tax plan for instance is implementable, and wont drive up the debt.
  2. Cruz won the second most states and delegates so far. He is the most likely to reach 1237 in a second vote if needed at the convention. He’s also supported by significant part of the rank and file GOP, but many may not vote for Trump alone.
  3. Cruz has a massive, state-by-state organization and ground game, which Trump lacks. Such an organization is essential to win the general election, and his campaign is tactically way ahead of Trumps.
  4. Cruz can provide list of solid SCOTUS nominees, to replace devastating loss of Justice Scalia. Will be a big motivator for many GOP rank and file.

Why Each Needs The Other

  1. Each may need to other to prevent the GOP establishment from stealing the nomination in Cleveland.
  2. Together, they’ve received over 65% of all votes cast so far, and over 80% of all delegates. The GOP must come out of the convention united behind its nominee. The potential for that to happen without Cruz and Trump calling for it is unlikely.
  3. Success in November should kick off a long-term strategy to keep Democrats out of the White House for decades. It will take changing the GOP, thinking long term, sound conservative policies, and educating the population on why liberal policies are so destructive. The Establishment proved that it wont deliver, so it must returned to its limited government roots. That will take time, and failure is not an option.


  • Now that Donald Trump is sure to capture the GOP nomination, the calls for Ted Cruz to support his campaign are mounting, and for good reason.

What if Romney or McCain Were Running Part 2?

What if Romney or McCain were Running in the 2016 GOP Primaries? Mitt Romney unleashed a blistering condemnation of Donald Trump, the GOP front-runner, on Thursday, followed quickly by John McCain’s piling on. They speak from positions as elected Republicans, but also as the previous two Republican Presidential nominees, both of who were defeated in the general election by President Obama. It raises an interesting question: how would their nomination runs stack up in comparison to the 2016 GOP primaries?

So far, 15 states held their GOP nominating contests, with the 16th going today. CHART 1 compares the state-by-state vote totals between 2008, 2012 and 2016. Those comparisons show that the votes cast in all but 2 (Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia) of the second 15 contests in 2016 exceed the totals from either 2008 or 2012.

CHART 1: More Total Votes Were Cast In 13 of the second 15 Contests In 2016 Compare To Either 2012 Or 2008. Only Puerto Rico and The District of Columbia Are Outliers

CHART 1: More Total Votes Were Cast In 13 of the second 15 Contests In 2016 Compare To Either 2012 Or 2008. Only Puerto Rico and The District of Columbia Are Outliers

When the total votes from all 15 states are compared, as shown in CHART 2, the magnitude of 2016’s turn out is revealed. So far, 7.3 million more votes were cast in 2016 than in 2012 (up 57.7%), and 7.49 million more than in 2008 (up 59.6%). So how would Romney or McCain be doing if they ran in 2016 with the same vote totals from their winning 2012 and 2008 campaigns?

CHART 2: Total Votes Cast In First 30 GOP Nomination Contests: 2016 (20,053,961), 2012 (12,716,683), 2008 (12,522,162)

CHART 2: Total Votes Cast In First 30 GOP Nomination Contests: 2016 (20,053,961), 2012 (12,716,683), 2008 (12,522,162)

CHART 3 compares the winning candidate’s vote totals from each of the second 15 nominating contests. The data shows that with the same votes, the winner in 2016 would have won in 2008 and 2012 in 11 of the 15 states. When the first 15 contests are added in, the 2016 contest winners would have taken 23 of the first 30 contests compared against 2012 and 2008 winners combined.

CHART 3: 11 Of 15 States Had More Votes Cast In 2016 For The Winner Than In 2012 Or 2008 Combined. 23 Of The First 30 Contests Had More Votes Cast In 2016 Than 2012 Or 2008 Combined.

CHART 3: 11 Of 15 States Had More Votes Cast In 2016 For The Winner Than In 2012 Or 2008 Combined. 23 Of The First 30 Contests Had More Votes Cast In 2016 Than 2012 Or 2008 Combined.

TABLE 1 shows the raw vote totals for the second 15 GOP contests, and breaks out those won by Mitt Romney in 2012 and John McCain in 2008 in blue. Head to head, Romney would have lost all but three of the second 15 states. When the first 15 states are added in, Romney would have lost 25 of the first 30 GOP contests (Vermont, Kentucky, Puerto Rico, District of Columbia, and North Caroline). He would have likely dropped out by now.

Table 1: Mitt Romney Would Have Only Won 4 Of The Second 15 Contests, McCain Only 2.

Table 1: Mitt Romney Would Have Only Won 4 Of The Second 15 Contests, McCain Only 2.

When McCain’s totals are put to the test, he fares even worse. He would have been defeated in all but three contests out of the first 30 (Vermont, District of Columbia, and Kentucky), and also would have likely dropped out.

So what does this tell us?

  • First, it indicates that the 2016 GOP turnout is very high, up over 57% so far compared to the last two nominating contests. The GOP will need millions more votes in the general election to win than Romney got in 2012. So far, those voters are turning out.
  • Second, its now clear that both Romney and McCain would have been soundly defeated if they had run in 2016 and received their winning votes from 2012 and 2008 respectively. As a result, their moral positions as beaten GOP candidates is heavily blunted.
  • Republican voters soundly defeated establishment candidates. They are speaking, but the GOP establishment refuses to listen. The Trump and Cruz campaigns, along with their voters and the establishment must come together this fall in order to defeat whomever the democrat candidate is.
  • The opposite voting pattern is occurring in the Democrat Race, and the front runner has serious legal problems.

Data from USElectionAtlas.Org

What Should You Decide Before Supporting a Candidate or Party

rp_f_01310495272_bussinesmanrestingcopy.jpgWhat are the qualities that you think a president should have, and political parties should cultivate?

  • Honesty? Y/N
  • Integrity? Y/N
  • Strong Moral Character? Y/N
  • Ability/Desire to Lead? Y/N
  • Clearly defined love and respect for the United States of America? Y/N
  • Humility? Y/N
  • Courage? Y/N
  • Vision? Y/N
  • Intent to put service above self? Y/N
  • Intelligence/common sense? Y/N
  • Ability to achieve; demonstrated positive accomplishments?

What are your core values? What defines your perspective on the world?

  • Do you believe in primacy of the rule of law? Y/N
  • Do you believe in and understand the definition of “American Exceptionalism”? Y/N
  • Is the Constitution the foundation of American prosperity? Y/N
  • Is morality absolute, or is it open to one’s interpretation? Y/N
  • Should America be a united or divided Nation? Y/N
  • Do you support/demand personal liberty and freedom for yourself? Y/N
  • What about for your children and grandchildren years from now? Y/N
  • Should elected officials work for the people or use public office to enrich themselves? Y/N
  • Is a candidate’s past behavior indicative of their future behavior? Y/N
  • Is One’s Political Party more important than the Country? Y/N
  • Is ideology more important than Country? Y/N

Answers to these questions should frame your thinking about who is qualified to be president, the long term objectives of their political party, your thoughts on America, and the direction that any would-be President would likely take the country. Once you answer the questions, honestly measure the candidates against them. If you don’t have enough evidence to decide, then go do some research. Our nation depends upon an educated electorate who elect the right candidates, and hold them accountable.