President Lincoln and Eric Cantor

Battle of Gettysburg Reenactment - Jul 2013

Battle of Gettysburg Reenactment – Jul 2013

What do President Lincoln and Eric Cantor have in common?

Throughout the Civil War president Lincoln searched for a union general who could take the fight to the south. Lincoln was also searching for a commanding general who had the foresight, skill cunning and courage to win the war. In his search for that general, Lincoln fired Generals McClellan, Burnsides, Hooker and Mead before finally appointing Ulysses S Grant commanding general of the Union Army. Although he’s not a military general, Eric Cantor is clearly a leader of the GOP, holding the number two position of power in the House of Representatives, and responsible for setting and moving the Republican agenda.

President Lincoln fired general after general in search of a man who would fight. Eric Cantor was fired by the voters of Virginia’s Seventh District for the same reason. The American people are well aware of the destruction being heaped upon this country, and they expect the Republican leadership to stand against it. They expect the Republican House to act as a firewall against the Democrat’sradical agenda. Lincoln would have been incense with any general who furthered the cause of the South. Americans are likewise incensed by Republicans aiding the “progressive” agenda.

There’s a very clear lesson to be learned from Congressman Cantor’s defeat; he won’t be the last GOP “general” to get the ax if the tides of destruction in America don’t change.

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