Obama Care Implosion

The implosion of Obama care is an “Othello” opportunity. This is an incredibly unique and teachable point in history, where Conservatives and Republicans can shore up their supporters and get converts by pulling them from rank and file Democrats, and opening the eyes of low information voters. Here’s how this must get played:

  • Aggressively demonstrate (to family, friends and neighbors locally, and across the airwaves and print media nationally) Obama care’s disaster is the result of government overreach. Use Obama care’s implosion to broaden the lesson from just healthcare to one of constitutionally limited government vs. progressive democrat socialism and nanny state authoritarianism.
  • The Federal Government can do a few things well, and they are enumerated in the Constitution. It should stick to those things and leave the rest to the states and the American people. Progressives want more and more power and they root against free markets and overtly distrust trust them. It’s a zero sum game; the more centralized power they get, the less Americans have left to live their own lives. Americans are the free market; to hate one is to hate the other.

Obama care is just a symptom of progressives’ fervent yearning for an all-powerful government. Spread the word, this disaster is just a microcosm of our country’s future!

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