Mining Gold From The TPP 5 Year Anniversary Celebration

Senator Rand Paul

Senator Rand Paul

The following synopsis was taken from a host of speeches throughout the 27 Feb TEA Party Patriots 5 Year Anniversary Celebration.  Some bullets are attributed, though not all.  I think that they all largely speak for themselves, no further comments needed!

– Future election wins hinge on ground games across the country.  Get out now, establish a presence before the election, and drive it home in the run ups.

– Every American has a “pilot light of liberty” glowing within them.  They need to be stoked into bonfires.

– CM Michelle Bachman:  The TPP movement is an intellectual movement, one of ideas.

– Freedom loving people from around the world watching and hoping for the TPP’s success, as American freedoms go, so go the world’s.

– Hispanic Outreach:  Most immigrants value faith and connecting with them requires personal outreach, through door-to-door efforts.  Where are their hearts?  Do they ID as an American or are do they still ID from their home country?  Democrats want, and are working toward, an isolated, Spanish only speaking voting block.

– Washington State Blue Print: turned blue state purple in 2012 election.  The keys to winning in a blue state were to ID vulnerable districts; recruit good, electable candidates; match with a savvy political organization; reach out and create coalitions; and use them in a powerful ground game.

– “My enemy isn’t a person, it’s any philosophy that is based upon the teachings of Carl Marx.”

– Rand Paul:  Need an optimistic, positive and inclusive message.

TPP Survey, provided powerful resonating phrases and insights into reaching American voters.

  • “Freedom to pursue your own dream”
  • 54% of Independents feel that they are less free than their parents were at the same age
  • All demographics know that there are far more regulations now, but some don’t connect them with a loss of freedom.
  • Americans share a Fear of Government Reprisal if speak out against our government
  • Most want term limits (8 years got the greatest support) – Really hurts an incumbent when voters find out that they’ve been in power a long time, and how much the deficit’s grown since they first got elected
  • Freedom to choose where your children go school is universally liked
  • Freedom to influence your children’s’ school’s curriculum universally liked
  • Don’t like government listening in on phone calls or emails
  • Broad belief that the Constitution is a timeless document

– “The TPP’s home is in the primaries!”

– CM Jim Jordan: “Good things just don’t happen”

– CM Louie Gohmert: “To whom much is given, much is required” Bible

– Reduce college costs.  Avg tenured professor earns $150k/yr and works only 3 hrs/wk.

– Create a new playing field, put all welfare under one committee so that it is all exposed to the same people in congress

– Conservative Solutions/Agenda:  Repeal Obamacare; New Tax System/Code; Drill Baby Drill; Cut Government Spending (Abolish Government Departments that haven’t lived up to their promise; establish income tax free zones); No more bailouts.

– Sen Cruz: “Liberty is never safer than when politicians are terrified”

– Obamacare: “End it don’t mend it!”

– Jenny Beth Martin:  Enact Penny Plan, Amend the Constitution to fix the tax code (simple/fixed tax), Repeal Obamacare

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