Marshmallows and Government Waste

The US Forestry Service recently created, and published instructions for how Americans should roast marshmallows. They also spent time telling us how to make s’mores. It’s rather insulting, that after all this country has done in its history, we’ve devolved to the point where we need government assistance to figure out how to melt a marshmallow? We used to instinctively know things like this, but now the all intrusive nanny state saved us from ourselves giving us step by step roasting instructions.

I have some instructions for the Forestry Service. Find out which office in your department wasted taxpayer money to hire a contractor or pay a government employee to make these instructions up, and cut that funding from your budget. If you have this kind of money just sitting around, you have too much, and after trimming your topline, the American taxpayer would appreciate better use of what’s left!

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