Left’s Reaction to Zimmerman Verdict Predictable

The left and their mainstream media’s reaction to the Zimmerman verdict is anything but surprising.  It’s fully predicted by the Anaconda Strategy, which details how the force their authoritarian agenda upon the American people.  The re-trial of Zimmerman in the public, post verdict, is unavoidable given that they never accept ANY defeat as final.  Tragically for Zimmerman, if it means that they can possibly convict him in civil court, they will go after him.  If not, they have paved the way for violence against him and anybody that supports him.  Recent violence, justified by the leftist media, involved people who did nothing wrong but get spotted by thugs hell-bent on vigilantly justice.  The left won’t be happy until their brand of justice occurs.  Innocent under the laws of the United States, but guilty in the eyes of the left.  I wonder if they will take any of the blame due to them should one of their surrogates kill Zimmerman, or if they will celebrate mob rule in America?

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