Infographic: Where Does Hillary’s Email Scandal End?

Hillary Clinton, and the Democrat Party, are entering a very treacherous time while Hillary faces the pending FBI Primary over her illegal home-brew email server scandal. Her presidential ambitions, hinge on whether or not the FBI brings a case to the Justice Department, and subsequently, what the Justice Department does with that case. The potential paths, and likely implications, are traced through this Pitfalls Infographic:

Infographic Depicting Potential Events/Actions That Could Greatly Hinder Or Block Hillary Clinton's Nomination

Infographic Depicting Potential Events/Actions That Could Greatly Hinder Or Block Hillary Clinton’s Nomination

























The Presidential power to pardon, is a wildcard, as shown in the infographic. Per the Constitution:

The President…shall have Power to grant Reprieves and Pardons for Offenses against the United States, except in Cases of Impeachment.


The Constitution provides the President the power to pardon once the offense is committed. It does not require a trial, conviction, etc. In theory, President Obama could have already pardoned Hillary Clinton, protecting her from any Justice Department prosecution. Whether such an event could be kept from the public, and for how long is unknown.

The damage to America that such a pardon would do is likely lost on President Obama. He is now motivated by his legacy, and continuing his radical leftist agenda once his presidency ends. Would he pardon Hillary Clinton if doing so achieved these objectives? Is it possible that he would use a pardon to get Hillary out of the way and open the door to a Joe Biden nomination? Only time will tell, but it appears a near certainty that the FBI will bring a case to the Justice Department. I’ve written why she is undoubtedly guilty of serious felonies.

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