Flaws In Assessing Reid’s Nuclear Option

The media and pundits are aggressively analyzing Harry Reid’s destructive move to eliminate the minority party’s ability to filibuster judicial nominees. They correctly discuss the expectation that it will allow Democrats to stack the country with radical judges. They also correctly expect that he won’t stop with judicial nominees but will expand the power grab, aimed at breaking down another firewall against authoritarianism, to include votes needed to pass legislation, and possibly Supreme Court nominees. What’s missing is the proper assessment of the long-term implications.

Commentators discuss that “when”, not “if”, Republicans regain control of the Senate and White House, the tables will turn, and Harry Reid and his party will rue the day that they nuked the country. They are making a mistake. Democrats don’t play by the same set of rules. This is a classic example of “Chess vs. Othello“. Democrats don’t care about getting called hypocrites. They get cover for whatever moves that they make because the mainstream media has their six. When the time comes for Republicans to take the majority in the Senate, Harry Reid will likely change the senate rules back to require filibusters, and the 60-vote majority to pass legislation before handing over the gavel. He will force Republicans to go nuclear a second time, betting that they won’t. Democrats will also cry foul if they do, as if Reid’s recent move never happened or. Democrats will make a major media show of it, believing that they can reach enough low information voters and convince them that Republicans pulled off a coup de tot.

Republicans need to see the Democrat leadership for who they are, and prepare now. Determine what to do now, should Reid reinstate the filibuster later.

  • Take the initiative away from Reid, and force his hand.
  • At a minimum, make sure that everybody in the country knows who broke 225 years of American history and went nuclear!
  • Take a position that for every radical judicial nominee rammed through without the filibuster, the Republicans will reciprocate with a conservative, constitutionalists appointed at the same, or higher federal level under the same “nuclear option” rules.
  • If Reid passes laws without the filibuster, Republicans will reciprocate by passing or repealing the same number of laws under “nuclear option” rules.
  • This must be a tit for tat response that ends in reinstating the 225-year tradition. Failure to do so will embolden Democrats to continue playing under un-American rules!
  • They also better learn who their allies should be, and that list starts with Tea Party Patriots.

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