Democrat Party 2014 Slogan Suggestions


Yeah Democrats.

Rumors have it that the Democrat Party is searching for a new campaign slogan.  Given the mess our country is in, thanks largely to President Obama and Democrat policies, I’d like to suggest some appropriate options.  Democrat Party, feel free to use any of them, no charge!



  • Bush Did It!
  • Democrats, Hacking the Constitution One Amendment at a Time!
  • Democrats In 2014: Failures, Frauds, Cover Ups!
  • Dems – If You’re a Donor, Don’t Worry!
  • Communism, Socialism Here We Come – Dems In 214!
  • It’s Not a Lie If the Media Repeats It – Dems In ’14!
  • Together, Let’s Finish Off America
  • Fast and Furious, IRS, Benghazi, Obamacare…Changing the World – Dems in ‘14
  • If You Like Your Country, You Can Keep Your Country – Dems in 2014!
  • Democrats in 2014 – Keep Watching Dancing With the Stars!
  • China, Russia, Iran…You’re Welcome – Dem’s in ‘14
  • Democrats – We’re Smarter Than You!
  • Dems In 2014 – Hablas Espaniol?
  • Democrats – The Climate Never Changed Before 1975!
  • A New Direction For America – Down The Drain!

Please let me hear if you have any good suggestions.  It’s the least that we can do to help.

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