Defund Obama Care?

Americans at Defund Obama Care Rally

Americans at Defund Obama Care Rally

There is a raging debate about whether the Republican House should, or even can, De-fund Obama Care. The answer is easy, do the right thing for the country!

Obama Care is the gateway drug to socialism, and must be stopped in any legal way possible. This is the right thing to do. Most Americans oppose it, and the country hasn’t even seen the impending Obama Care disaster first hand yet, so just stop it.

There is a great cartoon out there that carries the caption “Never Give Up!” It’s a drawing of a crane that’s trying to eat a frog. The frog is a lump in the crane’s throat, but the frog’s arms are reaching through the crane’s beak to below the frog’s body where it has a death grip around the crane’s neck. The frog’s grip is preventing the crane from swallowing the frog. It’s in some sense a Mexican standoff. The frog in the crane’s neck about to get swallowed, the crane choking due to the frog’s grip.

This is the choice getting foisted upon the Republicans in one debate after another. From immigration to stopping the funding of Obama Care, it’s a fight or get swallowed option. The answer is easy, choke the crane, never give up, do the right thing and stop funding Obama Care!

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