The Community Organizer President

P1030865There’s been a considerable amount of discussion recently regarding President Obama’s lack of leadership and engagement on significant issues across the political spectrum. There’s been all sorts of speculation as to why he appears so disengaged. We’ve seen plenty of discussion about his management style, where he finds out about an issue that in all rights he should know about, comes to the media in feigned outrage, swears that heads will roll, and that the problem will get solved. There shouldn’t be any confusion or controversy at all.

All of us are products of our upbringings and work experiences and the qualifications that President Obama brought to the table were those of a community organizer. His reactions to events are precisely what we should expect from someone who’s claim to fame was organizing members of a community to rise up in anger when confronted with a problem in their local area. President Obama acts the exact same way as the POTUS.

He doesn’t lead. He waits for opportunities and crises to present themselves. He then reacts as he’s been trained, with anger and condemnation toward those responsible. Forget the fact that he’s been leading the Federal government for over 6 years. Just as a community organizer would seek the scalps of those responsible, so does President Obama seek the scalps of those in government…at least initially. Where the Obama model completely breaks down, while doing tremendous harm to our country, is that a community organizer never really solves problems. They only organize outrage and stir up sentiment. They expect others to solve the problems, the inequalities, and the injustices as they call them out.

Pres. Obama is totally ill-equipped to lead any organization. He has no experience anticipating problems, heading them off or solving them, and after a term and a half proved that he refuses to learn how. There’s no mystery in what we got in Barack Obama. We elected a community organizer president!


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