Clinton Email Releases the Key to Server’s Legality

rp_Slide1-300x225.jpgMonday’s federal court ruling directing the State Department to release Hillary Clinton’s emails in small batches, instead of waiting for a massive dump in 2016 underscores my 15 March Blog regarding the classified nature of her “private” server. With over 32,000 emails, the server likely contained enough aggregated sensitive information that it would have been classified, perhaps at the SECRET or TOP-SECRET level. Given that the server’s existence was supposedly unknown to the State Department, it was not set up by government experts, nor cleared for classified information. Penalties for exposing classified information are significant, and could easily result in fines and imprisonment see 18 USC 798.

The significance of the pending email releases is in the number of redactions applied by State Department personnel, and the number of emails that are outright kept from Americans because of their sensitive nature. Watch for the redactions and withheld emails. Any one of which could be classified and in turn classify the entire server, and taint anything else stored on it.

Not only is this a potentially criminal act, it disqualifies Hillary from any run at public office since her judgment shows a complete disregard for national security.

Experts stated that it’s almost a certainty that her server was hacked, and likely many times, by multiple governments, China and Russia chief among them. Hillary Clinton, as our Secretary of State, put her personal desires above the Nation’s security, and the American People’s. It’s time that she was held accountable.


– The first 300 emails, related to Benghazi, were released by the State Department, and no surprise, they contain redactions. As predicted, the server definitely contained at least SECRET information, albeit information that was not marked classified until seen by the FBI. What remains to be seen is what the fall out will mean to Hillary Clinton’s campaign. If she was anybody else, she’d be hiring a lawyer and fearing jail time.

– Now, dozens more emails have been classified by the State Department. As predicted, Secretary Clinton thought more of her security, than of NATIONAL SECURITY.

Released Emails

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