Top 10 Stories of the Week (17 May – 23 May 15)

1.  Obama Sending In Community Organizers

2.  What is a Community Organizer Anyway?

3.  More Fake Progressive “Science”

4.  Worst Day of Hillary’s Campaign…So Far

5.  Mounting Evidence Hillary’s Email Server Was Classified

6.  Another Hillary Clinton Lie Exposed

7.  Clinton Benghazi Claims Unraveling


8.  Al Sharpton and Daughter, Nut Didn’t Fall Far From the Tree

9.  Obama’s “JV Team”

10. Obama Illegal Executive Amnesty Case Dealt Serious Blow


Top 10 Stories of the Week (5 Apr – 11 Apr 15)

1. US World’s Largest Oil and Gas Producer in 2014

2. Better Not Call Her Hillary

3. Better Not Use These Words to Describe Hillary

4. Arab Nation Donations to Clinton Way Beyond Other Charities

5. Florida Bobcat Pictured Catching Shark

6. Russians Hacked the White House, After Hacking the State Department

What’s the likelihood that Hillary’s private email server was hacked first (experts believe high chance that it was hacked), providing Russia access to the State Department, and from there, the White House???

7. Texas Judge Keeps the Illegal Amnesty Stay In Place

8. Obama’s $800B Tax Hike Explained

9. Gov Scott Walker Honors Veterans in Speech to the NRA

10. Illegal Alien In Pinal County Deported 20 Times


Top 10 Stories of the Week (15-21 Mar 15)

1. House Budget Committee’s 2016 Budget Blueprint

2. Texas Judge Believes Justice Department Misled Him Over Illegal Amnesty

3. Gowdy Seeks Hillary’s Email Server

4. Intelligence Officials Say Hillary’s Email Hacked by Foreign Governments

5. The Missing Question In The Hillary Email Scandal

6. Greenpeace Co-founder Global Warming Skeptic

7. Iran Endorses Nuclear EMP Attack On US

8. DHS Released 30,000 More Illegal Alien Criminals

9. Obama Administration Sets New Record for Lack of Transparency

10. Bibi Wins!

Top 10 Stories of the Week (8-14 Mar 15)

  1. Obama’s Immigration Action Likely Headed to SCOTUS
  2. The Missing Question In Hillary Clinton’s Email Scandal
  3. Obamacare Premiums Spike
  4. Did Obama Fund Efforts To Defeat Bibi Netanyahu?
  5. White House Behind Clinton Email Leak
  6. 47 Courageous Senators Signed Open Letter to Iran
  7. Obama’s Israeli Hypocrisy
  8. Two Police Officers Shot, Thankfully Not Killed, In Ferguson
  9. Earth’s Newest Island
  10. Lee and Rubio Propose Tax Reform


Top 10 Stories of the Week (1-7 Mar 15)

rp_P1030897-1024x768.jpg1.  Hillary Clinton Mired in Scandal Once Again

2.  Top 10 Winners in President Obama’s 2016 Budget

3.  Ted Cruz Says GOP Planned to Cave on Immigration From the Outset

4.  How Much Immigration Is Enough?

5.  Religious Aspect of Prime Minister Netanyahu’s Message to Congress

6.  Immigrants, Not Americans, The Big Job Winners In Obama’s Economy

7.  US Debt Limit Reached On 16 March 2015

8.  Boehner Works Closer With Pelosi Than Conservatives In Own Party

9.  Read page 3 of Laffer Center For Supply Side Economics Analysis, what you need to know about taxes. If these results apply to states, when comparing them one to another, then by extrapolation, they should also apply to countries in the same way. Personal income growth in low tax countries will outperform personal income growth in high tax countries. These are critical factors as new tax policies come to the forefront of debate in America.

10. Senate Fails To Override Keystone Veto