What Should You Decide Before Supporting a Candidate or Party

rp_f_01310495272_bussinesmanrestingcopy.jpgWhat are the qualities that you think a president should have, and political parties should cultivate?

  • Honesty? Y/N
  • Integrity? Y/N
  • Strong Moral Character? Y/N
  • Ability/Desire to Lead? Y/N
  • Clearly defined love and respect for the United States of America? Y/N
  • Humility? Y/N
  • Courage? Y/N
  • Vision? Y/N
  • Intent to put service above self? Y/N
  • Intelligence/common sense? Y/N
  • Ability to achieve; demonstrated positive accomplishments?

What are your core values? What defines your perspective on the world?

  • Do you believe in primacy of the rule of law? Y/N
  • Do you believe in and understand the definition of “American Exceptionalism”? Y/N
  • Is the Constitution the foundation of American prosperity? Y/N
  • Is morality absolute, or is it open to one’s interpretation? Y/N
  • Should America be a united or divided Nation? Y/N
  • Do you support/demand personal liberty and freedom for yourself? Y/N
  • What about for your children and grandchildren years from now? Y/N
  • Should elected officials work for the people or use public office to enrich themselves? Y/N
  • Is a candidate’s past behavior indicative of their future behavior? Y/N
  • Is One’s Political Party more important than the Country? Y/N
  • Is ideology more important than Country? Y/N

Answers to these questions should frame your thinking about who is qualified to be president, the long term objectives of their political party, your thoughts on America, and the direction that any would-be President would likely take the country. Once you answer the questions, honestly measure the candidates against them. If you don’t have enough evidence to decide, then go do some research. Our nation depends upon an educated electorate who elect the right candidates, and hold them accountable.

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