America’s “Center of Gravity”

US Capital Building, Washington DC

US Capital Building, Washington DC

Prussian military theorist Carl Von Clausewitz formulated the military concept of “Center of Gravity”. Center of gravity isdefined as

“The source of power that provides moral or physical strength, freedom of action, or will to act”.

Even though it’s a military term, the best practical description I’ve ever heard of center of gravity was in a discussion of fire ants. A United States Air Force instructor at the Air University described his fight to rid his yard of fire ants. He had tried everything from burning the anthills, scorching the earth black, to various types of poisons. Nothing that he tried ever held the ants at bay for long and they soon returned as strong as ever. The solution, he found, was a special type of poison. When presented to the ant colony, the workers would bring the poison to their queen and feed it to her, and she would quickly die. She was the colony’s center of gravity. With her death the fate of the entire colony was sealed, and his yard was soon ant free.

The United States has a center of gravity as sure as an ant colony does. America’s center of gravity is the United States Constitution. Efforts to destroy our country will fail unless they focus on undermining that most essential governing document. Our Constitution lays the framework for America’s exceptionalism. Without it there’s no freedom of religion,guarantee of life, liberty, property or protection from an all-intrusive government. Progressives know all too well how important the U.S. Constitution is to America’s sovereignty and our peaceful way of life.

This explains why they go so far out of their way to attack, undermine, and redefine it both legislatively and through judicial fiat. If we are to remain a free people we must elevate the U.S. Constitution back to the lofty position that our framers intended it to hold.

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