Biden’s Rules For Radicals

Picture of Saul Alinsky
Haunting picture of Independence Hall during President Biden's divisive 1 September 2022 Speech

If you think President Biden’s 1 September “Red Speech” was radical, there’s a good reason. That’s because his speech follows the dictates of Saul Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals. It’s also interesting to note that Alinsky perversely dedicated Rules For Radicals to Lucifer, who he dubbed the first radical.

Fittingly, the blood red backdrop of Biden’s speech in front of Independence Hall was reminiscent of the gates of hell. What Biden was trying to do was to apply one of Alinsky’s most well-known tactics. Specifically to pick a target, freeze it, personalize it, and then polarize it.

Since most of Joe Biden’s inner circle are leftovers from Barack Obama’s administration or Clintonistas, it’s no small wonder that Alinsky’s tactics are in play. Biden, or more accurately his radical democrat handlers, picked MAGA Republicans as the target. More directly, Ultra-MAGA Republicans. Alinsky probably never envisioned his tactics being tried on half of the country or certainly 74+ million Americans. But that is exactly what Biden and the Democrats are attempting.

For Biden to be successful he must “freeze” those 74+ million Americans. Freezing them, holding them in place, is a prerequisite to personalizing them and essential to polarizing them. What this means for Republicans is that they must stay on the move, go on offense, take the political flight straight to the Democrats and the radical president in the White House.

This requires offense at every level of the Republican Party from the grassroots to local, state, and federal republican organizations, from elected officials, to those running for office, and most certainly the identified leadership of the Republican Party.

Unfortunately, Mitch McConnell is one of those leaders, and it’s clear he has no ability to fight. McConnell’s nickname is the slow moving easy to freeze “turtle”. On the positive side, Republicans have many fine candidates running for office and fighters like former President Donald Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis who are adept at political movement and counterpunching. Biden’s Red Speech must be used to turn the tables on the Democrats. It must be used to freeze them, to personalize them, and to polarize them.

The gloves must come off, and it’s time to turn Alinsky against the radicals.