Clinton Wikileaks Revelations

NOTE: So much crying about how the Russians hacked these emails yet Clinton says it’s impossible anybody hacked her illicit home-brew email server???


  • Podesta called Sen Bernie Sanders a Doofus
  • Focus group tested that Obama’s father was a Muslim
  • President Obama know about Hillary’s secret emails, used pseudonym to communicate
  • Asked potential voters about Obama’s past cocaine use
  • Campaign believed Obama committed voter fraud in 2008
  • Obama knew about Clinton’s private email server
  • Aides thought Obama’s remarks about private server didn’t make sense
  • Bernie’s healthcare plan: “His actual proposal sucks, but we live in a leftie alternative universe”
  • Hilllary’s Campaign/DMC rigged primaries against Sanders

Gross Hypocrisy

  • Clinton has “Public and Private position” on issues
  • Clinton wanted Obamacare to “Unravel”
  • Campaign found women paid less than men at Clinton Foundation
  • Podesta listed potential VP Candidates by racial and gender “Food Groups”
  • Clinton claimed Saudi Arabia and Qatar funded ISIS, but still took money from them
  • Clinton comments to Brazilian bank that her dream was a hemispheric trade zone with “open trade and open borders.”
  • Moroccan King paid Clinton Foundation $12M for her to attend event in Morocco
  • Bill Clinton received $1M “birthday gift” from Qatar, while Hillary Sec State
  • Clinton showed concern about vetting refugees, knew ISIS would infiltrate Syrians
  • Clinton bragged about being invited to Putin’s “Inner Sanctum”
  • Clinton praises Putin “An Engaging and Very Interesting Conversationalist”
  • Clinton said she’s removed from “Struggles of Middle Class”
  • Clinton attacked Catholics and Evangelicals (Catholicism is “an amazing bastrdization of the faith.”
  • Clinton Campaign manager (Podesta) set up two front groups to instigate a revolution within the Catholic Church, a Catholic Spring
  • Clinton admitted Syria no-Fly Zone would be very difficult
  • Clinton went back and forth over Keystone Pipeline
  • Clinton said Fracking was a “Gift” in paid speech
  • Clinton praised Wall Street in paid speeches
  • Clinton supported plan that would cut social security
  • Paid people to incite vilolence at Trump events
  • Conspired to hide emails from Congress
  • Believed Iran Nuclear agreement was “…the greatest appeasement since Chamberlain gave Czechoslovakia to Hitler.”

Media/Government Collusion

  • rp_Minion-Media-379x1024.pngPolitico reporter offered campaign chance to edit story
  • 37 Page Poll Rigging Operations Guide
  • CNBS’s John Harwood offered advice
  • NYT allowed quote edits
  • Boston Globe pumped up campaign
  • Univision pressured to attack Trump
  • MSNBC producer praised Clinton
  • Campaign bragged about media support
  • Donna Brazile leaked Town Hall/Debate question
  • Campaign colluded with DOJ and State Department over released documents
  • “Off the recotd” dinner with 25 press attendees”
  • Glen Thrush from Politico admits to being a Hillary “Hack”

Hillary and Underling Thoughts of Democrats/Americans

  • Podesta called Latinos “Needy”, Latino outreach is “taco bowl engagement”
  • Called other liberals “Pompous”, “Naive”, “Dumb”, “Radical”, “Freeks who need to Get A Life”
  • Clinton Campaign wants “unaware” and “compliant” citizenry
  • Donald Trump supporters are “a basket of deplorables” and “irredeemable”
  • “Clinton’s treatement of Dept State agents on her protective detail was so contemptuous that many of them sought reassignment or employment elsewhere”
  • Most blacks and Muslims will fail no matter the situation

Clinton Campaign Staff Revelations

  • Podesta wished San Bernadino shooter was named “Chris”
  • Mook called Clintons taxes and health “Hyper Sensitive issues”
  • Clinton hated using phrase “Everyday Americans”
  • Hillary needs a podium, unable to Walk around
  • Hillary called “Spacey”, “Doesn’t seem to know what planet we are all living in”
  • Staff says she is “arrogant” and has a “character problem”

Sources: Wikileaks -John Podesta’s Purported hacked account emails, Hannity/Fox News, Millennium Report, Lifezette

Other Clinton Scandal Summaries:

The Three Big 2016 Election Issues (Part 2)

Sustaining American Rule of Law:

  1. Constitution (Source of American Exceptionalism): The United States Constitution is the source (center of gravity) for Americas success. The 2016 election is a fundamental choice between sustaining the Rule of Law and the Constitution vs undermining them both in favor of a progressive, socialist utopia. Protecting the Constitution begins with sustaining the legitimacy of the Supreme Court.
    1. SCOTUS Nominees: Sustaining the Constitution entails appointing Justices that believe in the supremacy of the Constitution, and maintain an originalist view. Judges that legislate from the bench imperil the Constitution. Sadly, democrats appoint judges that don’t appreciate the Constitution, and seek to re-write it at every turn.
      1. Fed Judge, US Constitution Outdated
      2. Ginsburg to Egypt, don’t model your constitution after the US.
      3. Unaccompanied Minors committing horrific crimes.
    2. Restrictions on Freedom of Speech (political correctness): Freedom of speech is central to a free society. The progressive movement, embodied in the democrat party, successfully pushed political correctness to stifle speech against their agenda. The 2016 election is one that pits Donald Trump, and anti-political correctness candidate, against Hillary Clinton, the ultimate purveyor of PC. Freedom of Speech is one of the four First Amendment Rights for a reason, as it underpins liberty. The EU has laws preventing political criticisms, and progressives would love to institute them in America.
      1. Think this is far fetched? Democrats are already trying to suppress free speech using intimidation tactics and threats of imprisonment.
  • 2nd Amendment (If democrats can destroy this right, then what other rights can they destroy?). Democrats are out to destroy the Second Amendment. They can’t kill it all at once, so they are using a strategy of chipping away at it a piece at a time. If they can limit/eliminate this right, without a Constitutional Amendment, what right will they go after next?
  1. Freedom of Assembly at rallies: Recently Americas seen a new and violent attack on the Freedom of Assembly. Radical, violent elements like Black Lives Matter, The New Black Panther Party, Move-On.Org etc. have funded protests ending in attacks on GOP voters. Security concerns, and expectations of violence in Cleveland may, by design, overshadow the GOP Convention. Intimidation and violence aimed to keep Americans home instead of attending political events is antithetical to liberty and the First Amendment.
  1. Executive Branch Limitations/Executive Orders: Executive orders, as abused by President Obama, undermine the separation of powers in the Constitution. Laws are made by the Congress, the President is supposed to execute them. This president continually goes around the constitution by using extra-executive decrees to move a radical agenda that the American people don’t support. If his agenda is popular, get the Congress to pass it. Ruling by executive decree is not a sustainable path. Authoritarianism may be desired by Saul Alinsky and other radicals, but not by mainstream Americans.
  2. Above the law vs. Accountable to the law: Sustaining the Rule of Law means Americas laws apply equally to every American. Hillary Clinton has the well-deserved reputation of being Above the Law. Most Americans believe Hillary is untrustworthy.
    1. Hillary lawlessness
      1. Emails/FBI: Hillary repeatedly lied to the American People about her email server scandal.
      2. Clinton Cash: Overpowering evidence of corruption, money for favors.
    2. Obama Executive overreach, ignoring Judicial rulings
      1. Targeting Citizens/Groups (FBI, True the Vote, Comply or get targeted)
    3. Sanctuary Cities: Sanctuary cities are Democrat Party concoctions taunting the Nations immigration laws. If immigration laws can so easily be broken without consequence, why would anybody obey the rest of Americas laws? Precedent does matter.