The 2016 Election

We’re still three years out from the 2016 election, but the Republican Party had better start focusing on it today. Americans are watching the implosion of Obama care. There’s no question that the next three years will show more and more problems with this effort to nationalize healthcare and create an ever-increasing fervor for it to be fixed. So in steps Hillary Clinton.

I predict now that her campaign is going to be based upon the following: no one knows the health care system better than Hillary Clinton! She spent years studying the national healthcare system when President Clinton was in office. If she had only been allowed to carry through Hillary care we wouldn’t be in the predicament that we’re in now. She is uniquely qualified to fix the problems that were a result of the passage of Obama care. She wasn’t in the Senate when it was passed. She was diligently working for our country as the Secretary of State. Had she been there, she could’ve prevented this disaster, but that wasn’t her job, and she’s not responsible for the problems of the system as it exists today. If we just put her in the White House, she’ll solve them.

Republicans will obviously challenge this, because it’s absurd. Had Hillary Clinton passed Hillary care it would’ve been every bit as bad as Obama care because they were both based upon the same failed big government control policies. Socialist medicine fails every time it’s tried. That won’t stop Hillary’s campaign, or the media.

In addition, Hillary Clinton will claim that she’s uniquely qualified to balance the budget. After all, it was her husband Bill Clinton who had the last balance budget as a president. Somehow she’ll make the claim that that credential extends to her. The reality of the situation is at the balances budget was forced upon Bill Clinton by a Republican-controlled House and Senate led by Newt Gingrich, but in American politics today the truth is just an inconvenience. Her campaign will claim that not only can she solve the problems with the health care system that was brought about by Democrats and Barack Obama, but that she can do it at the same time she brings fiscal stability and a balanced budget back to America. Wow, what could be better?

The Republican Party better start shoring up the truth now. They better start laying the facts out to stop this premise before it sinks into the mainstream media and into the low information voters. Aggressively challenging this and tying Obama care and its problems to Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and Democrats as a party will severely hamper them all.

Make no mistake, the left will be painting every potential Republican candidate as an extremist as soon as they can. Republicans, conservatives and the tea party need to do the exact same thing with potential Democrat candidates. Lay out the facts, hammer the truth and prevent the rewriting of history that inevitably will come in a Democrat campaign!

NOTE: First instance of distancing Hillary from Obama care.

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