What’s The Dark Connection In Democrat Presidencies?

Seal of the President of the United States.svg

“Seal of the President of the United States” by Unknown – Extracted from the title page of PDF document at http://www.whitehouse.gov/nsc/nss.pdf. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.

There is a curious connection between Democrat administrations that links Bill Clinton’s to Barack Obama’s. The link is the illegal use of the federal government as a weapon to attack their enemies. The American people, particularly conservatives and TEA Party Patriots, are living through the Obama administration’s IRS targeting scandal. This abuse of power involved using the IRS as a weapon to audit, and intimidate hundreds of conservative organizations. Congressional investigations into the scandal continue to uncover evidence, drawing closer to the White House. Every American should shudder at the thought of the IRS getting sent after them, no matter what party they belong to. In America, under our Constitution, we are free to have, and voice our opinions. Freedom of speech is so important that it was the foundation of the First Amendment. The death of that fundamental right would spell the death of America.

Before the IRS targeting scandal came Clinton’s Filegate.

Filegate was a Hillary Clinton scandal that involved the White House asking for, and receiving, over 900 Republican leaders’ FBI files for political opposition research. Excuses were offered, and after a decade the Clintons escaped culpability, despite that fact that “the President’s friend and close advisor, Anthony Marceca, had requested the files”. As terrible as this scandal was, at least it wasn’t so brazen as to target average Americans as the Obama Administration IRS targeting scandal did.

The modus operandi of the progressive left is to intimidate and destroy one’s enemies. Saul Alinski 101! Both Presidents, Obama and Clinton, used the same tactics, and taxpayer dollars, to go after their political enemies. Such authoritarian abuses must stop. Governments should fear their people, not the other way around. Given that Hillary was already part of one intimidation scandal as First Lady, is there any doubt, that she wouldn’t do it again should she become President?

The President’s March Madness Strategy

M50A1 Ontos - US Marine Corps Museum, Virginia

M50A1 Ontos – US Marine Corps Museum, Virginia

President Obama is well known for his love of filling out his “March Madness” brackets. His understanding of college basketball may in fact be outstanding, but that doesn’t mean he knows anything about military operations. The President’s simplistic comprehension of the United States military is evidenced by his continued use of sports metaphors in describing all things military. Much as been made recently about the president’s January 2014 description of ISIL as a JV team. He described them saying just because you wear Kobe Bryant’s jersey doesn’t make you Kobe Bryant. He told NBC’s Chuck Todd that his pending strategy would be characterized by going on offense. Sounds like a comment John Madden might make while broadcasting an NFL Game. He diminishes the seriousness of the force of arms and instills no confidence among our troops.

In an Interview with NPR’s Steve Inskeep, President Obama stated

“When it comes to foreign policy, that oftentimes the United States has made mistakes not by showing too much restraint but by underestimating how challenging the environment is out there, not thinking through consequences, that there is a lot of blocking and tackling to foreign policy, to change sports metaphors, or, if you want to stick to baseball, that a lot of what you want to do is to advance the ball on human rights, advance the ball on national security, advance the ball on energy independence, to put the ball in play.”

White House staff is equally prone to throw in the sports cliches. In the President’s Wednesday night ISIL strategy speech Obama was light on specifics. When questioned, an unnamed staff member mentioned they didn’t want to say too much because they didn’t want to telegraph America’s punches.

What makes the situation even more disturbing is the pattern that President Obama shows by ignoring the military advice of the true military experts. Obama ignored advice on leaving troops in Iraq and Afghanistan to maintain the long-term stability of those countries. He overruled his military commanders and provided only a fraction of the troops they requested for the surge in Afghanistan. He is once again ignoring them as they advise using ground troops in addition to airstrikes to destroy ISIL. If the president were military genius I would have no problem with this pattern but to steal from the president’s own metaphor; just because you wear a jersey that says Commander in Chief on it doesn’t make you Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Marshmallows and Government Waste

The US Forestry Service recently created, and published instructions for how Americans should roast marshmallows. They also spent time telling us how to make s’mores. It’s rather insulting, that after all this country has done in its history, we’ve devolved to the point where we need government assistance to figure out how to melt a marshmallow? We used to instinctively know things like this, but now the all intrusive nanny state saved us from ourselves giving us step by step roasting instructions.

I have some instructions for the Forestry Service. Find out which office in your department wasted taxpayer money to hire a contractor or pay a government employee to make these instructions up, and cut that funding from your budget. If you have this kind of money just sitting around, you have too much, and after trimming your topline, the American taxpayer would appreciate better use of what’s left!