America’s “Center of Gravity”

US Capital Building, Washington DC

US Capital Building, Washington DC

Prussian military theorist Carl Von Clausewitz formulated the military concept of “Center of Gravity”. Center of gravity isdefined as

“The source of power that provides moral or physical strength, freedom of action, or will to act”.

Even though it’s a military term, the best practical description I’ve ever heard of center of gravity was in a discussion of fire ants. A United States Air Force instructor at the Air University described his fight to rid his yard of fire ants. He had tried everything from burning the anthills, scorching the earth black, to various types of poisons. Nothing that he tried ever held the ants at bay for long and they soon returned as strong as ever. The solution, he found, was a special type of poison. When presented to the ant colony, the workers would bring the poison to their queen and feed it to her, and she would quickly die. She was the colony’s center of gravity. With her death the fate of the entire colony was sealed, and his yard was soon ant free.

The United States has a center of gravity as sure as an ant colony does. America’s center of gravity is the United States Constitution. Efforts to destroy our country will fail unless they focus on undermining that most essential governing document. Our Constitution lays the framework for America’s exceptionalism. Without it there’s no freedom of religion,guarantee of life, liberty, property or protection from an all-intrusive government. Progressives know all too well how important the U.S. Constitution is to America’s sovereignty and our peaceful way of life.

This explains why they go so far out of their way to attack, undermine, and redefine it both legislatively and through judicial fiat. If we are to remain a free people we must elevate the U.S. Constitution back to the lofty position that our framers intended it to hold.

Veterans Town Hall, Helping America’s Heroes

Suzanne Scholte speaking at Veterans Town Hall, 4 Aug 14

Suzanne Scholte speaking at Veterans Town Hall, 4 Aug 14

Suzanne Scholte, GOP Congressional candidate running in Virginia’s 11th District, hosted a veteran’s Town Hall to help America’s Heroes on 4 August that included Congressman Rob Wittman, from Virginia’s 1st District, and Dr. Johnnie Simpson, Veterans for Scholte (Chairman).  The town hall was called to let local veterans know their VA concerns are being heard and addressed.  Suzanne Scholte, a long time Veterans advocate, described the treatment veterans have received from the VA a “national disgrace” and that we all need to work together to solve the myriad of problems within the VA.  Several veterans thanked Ms. Scholte for holding the event, as they never received responses from CM Gerry Connolly’s office despite many requests for help.

CM Wittman, himself a retired Colonel, described GOP efforts to pass the Veterans Reform Bill, which was later signed by Pres. Obama on Thursday 7 August.  The new law allows the Veteran Affairs Secretary an easier path to fire bad employees with the focus on removing Senior Executive Service employees, who are the VA’s leadership core.  It also allows veterans who have been waiting longer than 14 days the ability to go to private doctors for medical care rather than wait in a tragically broken VA system that caused as many as 1000 veteran deaths, according to Sen. Coburn.

Dr. Simpson stated that veterans need a way to fight bad VA employees, and should have the ability to select/change their VA doctors without fear of retribution.  He also thanked Suzanne Scholte for her long time support for America’s veterans.

Many of them stood up and voiced their concerns, sharing personal horror stories dealing with the VA system for themselves, or injured family members.  Some veterans spoke with eloquence that as great as the 1000 death statistic is, far more veterans are committing suicide, and focus on that problem is tragically lacking.

Congressman Wittman summed up his solutions to veterans’ health care problems.  The solution isn’t money, he stated, since the VA turns money back in each year.  The beginning of the solution is the Veterans Reform Bill, but the full solution will take a very long time and continued focus.  It will require reducing the scope of work that the VA system is responsible for to general medicine, and sending veterans to private care specialists for follow on treatment.

Thanks to Suzanne Scholte for organizing and hosting the Town Hall.

Obamacare – Exploding Costs, Crashing Results

The Changing Face of Obamacare Costs, and Failing Promise of #s Insured

The Changing Face of Obamacare Costs, and Failing Promise of #s Insured

A recent weekly standard blogpointed out Obamacare’s exploding cost estimates, see blue bars in the chart, contrasted with the crashing estimate of numbers of Americans who will get insured, shown by the dropping red line. From CBO’s March 2010 estimate, Obamacare costs to taxpayers have more than doubled, to over $2 Trillion over the first decade.

Those cost estimates would surely keep climbing, but the CBO announced after its last assessment in Feb 14, that President Obama made so many unilateral changes to the law that it can no longer score the ACA’s costs. This certainly helps the Administration, since it keeps the severely troubled law out of the news, but stymies the American people, who deserve to know the truth about what their taxes are paying for.

So many problems have been reported on, but the end result, if we don’t repeal Obamacare entirely, is declining health care for all of us, along the path of the chart’s red line and the appalling treatment veterans receive through the VA. What’s the solution once we pull the plug on Obamacare, and it flat lines? Many solid solutions exist, but Dr. Ben Carson endorsed a program that looks very promising. Obamacare didn’t have any brain surgeons involved in it’s creation, but thankfully, Dr. Carson’s plan does. It consists of 5 parts, as explained here.

Latest Obama Care Bad News: