Obamacare A Success? Alas, Not Even Close!

medicine_and_StethoscopeThe mainstream media is abuzz with the latest Obama care enrollment numbers as the last “official” enrollment day comes to a close. The administration touts that over 6 million people have now enrolled in Obama care and as a result the program is a success and should be claimed such by everyone involved, especially Democrats running for reelection. An interesting thought occurred to me as I listened to these numbers.

If the ACA shoe were on the other foot, what would the Democrats be saying was the real result of the healthcare law? We’ve been treated to so much deception regarding the number of “jobs saved or created” by Obama’s stimulus, unemployment figures, annual deficits and the national debt for instance that democrats would surely use more creative math to counter the 6 million figure. I suspect that they would argue the following.

The number of enrollees is only a very superficial measure to grade its success. Sadly this law was doomed from the beginning and its disastrous implementation has only been kerosene thrown onto a fire.

Note: Many people actually predicted that this would happen, but none of them were democrats.

Here’s the reality of that 6 million number and what’s missing in all the discussion, Democrats would say. Nearly 6 million people lost their insurance policies immediately after Obamacare was implemented. By those figures if we were to use Democrat math we have a net zero sign-up they would argue. The cost to sign up ZERO net people is $2 trillion across 10 years, or $200 billion each year. Democrats would say that some of those people who signed up are likely illegal aliens who are not eligible to sign up. In fact the administration has actively recruited the illegal alien population to sign up in order to bolster the numbers. They should be subtracted, and dis-enrolled we would be told! They’d also say that of the 6 million enrollees at least 20% have not paid. Subtracting that number out and we have a net of 1.2 million people who’ve lost their insurance.

Now here’s where the Democrats would focus the fight. They’d say “All of the experts report that there’s an eventual 100 million people who have yet to be impacted by this law because of the delays enacted by the President.”

Note: These delays were of course made by President Obama to protect democrats up for reelection. Many argue that he had no constitutional authority to do so.

Sorry for stating the obvious; now back to what the democrats would argue. Of those 100 million people who get their insurance through their employers, impacts will range from changes to their plans and providers to outright insurance cancellation. We must account for them and using democratic math, the real impact is a net loss of over 101 million people signed up for insurance or able to keep their policies. This is not quite the success story that the White House is touting, nor does it solve the problem of the 30 million uninsured that we were told was the reason to pass Obamacare in the first place.

Yes, they would say, the number that matters is 100 million Americans hurt by the ACA. Repeal the law and do the fair thing for the American people. If the situation was reversed, the Democrats would be right, just as Republicans are right to make, and keep making these points. Obamacare needs to be repealed, before it’s too late.

Frightening CBO Forecasts from THE BUDGET AND ECONOMIC OUTLOOK: 2014 TO 2024

The following quotes were taken from the CBO’s own report, found here. They tell the very frightening story that if our country doesn’t change the fiscal path that it’s on under the Democrat’s tax and spend policies, our country is headed for a disaster. We need to stand up, get vocal, vote out the spenders and force our elected officials to balance the federal budget, before the mounting trillions that we owe dooms us!

  • “Beyond 2017, CBO expects that economic growth will diminish to a pace that is well below the average seen over the past several decades.”
  • “Such large and growing federal debt could have serious negative consequences, including eventually increasing the risk of a fiscal crisis (in which investors would demand high interest rates to buy the government’s debt).”
  • “Interest rates on Treasury securities, which have been exceptionally low since the recession, are projected to increase in the next few years as the economy strengthens”
  • “Deficits Are Projected to Decline Through 2015 but Rise Thereafter, Further Boosting Federal Debt”
  • “In addition, changes in people’s economic incentives caused by federal tax and spending policies set in current law are expected to keep hours worked and potential output during the next 10 years lower than they would be otherwise.”
  • “Over the next decade, debt held by the public will be significantly greater relative to GDP than at any time since just after World War II. With debt so large, federal spending on interest payments will increase substantially”

In the below chart, also from the OMB report, note that the discretionary items in the budget get squashed by mandatory spending of interest, social security, and major health programs.

OMB Figure 1-2

OMB Figure 1-2


Obama’s Foreign Policy Challenge

Capital Building, Washington D.C.

Capital Building, Washington D.C.

President Obama largely gets a pass on his domestic policy. He receives near unlimited top cover from the American “Minion media” and pop culture who restate and reframe his mistakes, and distort legitimate policy and ideological criticism. Why are things so different on the foreign policy stage?

First, the fawning adulation President Obama receives from the domestic media is largely missing in the rest of the world. In fact it’s often the case that you’re better off following BBC reports to get accurate coverage of U.S. domestic news than reading the NY Times or watching CNN-NBC-CBS-ABC!

Second, President Obama and his foreign policy team are out classed. President Obama learned his leadership skills at ACORN. He’s up against people like Vladimir Putin who were schooled by the KGB, or the Iranian Ayatollahs. This is the equivalent of pitting a pop warner football team against the super bowl champions. President Obama has a ruthless streak, but it only comes out when dealing with the GOP, conservatives, TEA Party Patriots, police or Americas allies. The latest embarrassing example is the President’s bullying attacks on Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu. When it come’s to America’s enemies, his ruthless streak is Missing In Action.

Third, President Obamas domestic adversaries play by the rules. They obey the laws and adhere to basic rules of decorum. Obama is more and more unilaterally re-writing laws, ignoring those that he doesn’t like and using executive orders and regulations to create laws when he can’t get them through Congress. His latest power grabs include using the FCC to control the Internet, and ATF preparation to ban ammunition, in violation of the 2nd Amendment. America’s international adversaries don’t play by the rules, and it seems that Obama can’t keep up, anticipate or deal effectively as a result.

Progressivism is a kindred ideology to communism that seeks a lesser degree of the same, authoritarian government.


American Flag and POW FlagPeggy Noonan asked a question in a recent article, what is Obama’s foreign policy,

“Not being George W. Bush is not a foreign policy. Not invading countries is not a foreign policy. Wishing to demonstrate your sophistication by announcing you are unencumbered by the false historical narratives of the past is not a foreign policy. Assuming the world will be nice if we’re not militarist is not a foreign policy.

What is our foreign policy? Disliking global warming?”

The answer is no, although global warming is a molehill the left has turned into a mountain.  The Obama foreign policy, specific to the Ukraine, but applicable everywhere else, is simply:


The Obama administration thought that the world would follow him just because of the power of his personality.  That early love affair has now grown as cold, and distant as his first campaign slogan “Hope and Change”.  Obama consistently responds to crisis with complaints, warnings like the Syrian Red Line, and then backs down.  Our country no longer has any credibility, we’ve squandered the respect of our allies, and our enemies no longer fear us.  So our country’s foreign policy is simply to “Crimea…River” and hope for the best.

Victims Of Their Own Successes

The crisis in Ukraine underscores the fact that Pres. Obama and the Democrats are victims of their own successes. It was President Obama’s goal since his campaign leading up to the 2008 election that the United States should be reduced in stature around the world. Democrats believed since the Soviet Union fell that the world was destabilized with United States as the loan world superpower. It was the goal of both Democrats and Barack Obama to reduce the influence and power of the United States by deconstructing its superpower status. Their goal was to eliminate American leadership on the world stage so that it was no more influential in the world than any other country.

The means for minimizing the United States required shrinking the size and strength of America’s economy, and in turn weakening its military. These two elements of national power are critical to creating the power vacuum, which enabled Putin’s invasion in Ukraine.

As evidenced by the crisis in Ukraine it’s clear that they succeeded. What remains to be seen is how far Russia will go? Once Putin has Ukraine, will he go beyond it into other countries that used to make up the Soviet Block? If the US responds with military forces to bolster the defenses of its allies, like Poland, it will stretch to a breaking point. Will this embolden China on the other side of the Earth to take the Shikoku Islands? Stern warnings don’t intimidate tyrants. Strong warnings, backed up by overwhelming capabilities and credibility do. Sadly, President Obama and the Democrats gravely reduced America’s military and economic capabilities, and squandered the credibility of response bought by blood and treasure. The power vacuum that they created is in the process of getting filled.

Mining Gold From The TPP 5 Year Anniversary Celebration

Senator Rand Paul

Senator Rand Paul

The following synopsis was taken from a host of speeches throughout the 27 Feb TEA Party Patriots 5 Year Anniversary Celebration.  Some bullets are attributed, though not all.  I think that they all largely speak for themselves, no further comments needed!

– Future election wins hinge on ground games across the country.  Get out now, establish a presence before the election, and drive it home in the run ups.

– Every American has a “pilot light of liberty” glowing within them.  They need to be stoked into bonfires.

– CM Michelle Bachman:  The TPP movement is an intellectual movement, one of ideas.

– Freedom loving people from around the world watching and hoping for the TPP’s success, as American freedoms go, so go the world’s.

– Hispanic Outreach:  Most immigrants value faith and connecting with them requires personal outreach, through door-to-door efforts.  Where are their hearts?  Do they ID as an American or are do they still ID from their home country?  Democrats want, and are working toward, an isolated, Spanish only speaking voting block.

– Washington State Blue Print: turned blue state purple in 2012 election.  The keys to winning in a blue state were to ID vulnerable districts; recruit good, electable candidates; match with a savvy political organization; reach out and create coalitions; and use them in a powerful ground game.

– “My enemy isn’t a person, it’s any philosophy that is based upon the teachings of Carl Marx.”

– Rand Paul:  Need an optimistic, positive and inclusive message.

TPP Survey, provided powerful resonating phrases and insights into reaching American voters.

  • “Freedom to pursue your own dream”
  • 54% of Independents feel that they are less free than their parents were at the same age
  • All demographics know that there are far more regulations now, but some don’t connect them with a loss of freedom.
  • Americans share a Fear of Government Reprisal if speak out against our government
  • Most want term limits (8 years got the greatest support) – Really hurts an incumbent when voters find out that they’ve been in power a long time, and how much the deficit’s grown since they first got elected
  • Freedom to choose where your children go school is universally liked
  • Freedom to influence your children’s’ school’s curriculum universally liked
  • Don’t like government listening in on phone calls or emails
  • Broad belief that the Constitution is a timeless document

– “The TPP’s home is in the primaries!”

– CM Jim Jordan: “Good things just don’t happen”

– CM Louie Gohmert: “To whom much is given, much is required” Bible

– Reduce college costs.  Avg tenured professor earns $150k/yr and works only 3 hrs/wk.

– Create a new playing field, put all welfare under one committee so that it is all exposed to the same people in congress

– Conservative Solutions/Agenda:  Repeal Obamacare; New Tax System/Code; Drill Baby Drill; Cut Government Spending (Abolish Government Departments that haven’t lived up to their promise; establish income tax free zones); No more bailouts.

– Sen Cruz: “Liberty is never safer than when politicians are terrified”

– Obamacare: “End it don’t mend it!”

– Jenny Beth Martin:  Enact Penny Plan, Amend the Constitution to fix the tax code (simple/fixed tax), Repeal Obamacare