Post Shut-Down, What Do We Know?

The immediate crisis over raising the debt ceiling in the fight over Obama care’s roll out has ended, and the dust has begun to settle.  What do we know?

–       We know first and foremost that Obama care is every bit as bad if not worse than conservatives forecast that it would be!

Sen Cruz Standing Up for Liberty at Anti-Obama Care Rally

Sen Cruz Standing Up for Liberty at Anti-Obama Care Rally

–       We know that there are some people in our government who are willing to put everything on the line, as did our founders, and fight for what they promised their constituents they would fight for.  Top of this list sit senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee.

–       We know that Pres. Obama and the Democrat party are willing to sink the country in order to further their ideological agenda and continue the march toward socialized, single-payer medicine in America.  Despite the Constitution clearly stipulating that debts of the United States will not be questioned, Pres. Obama and the Democrats told the American people and the world that they were willing to violate that constitutional mandate over defunding, delaying, or even making minor changes to Obama care.  The full faith and credit of the United States of America was never threatened as a result of raising the debt ceiling. The only way we could not pay the interest on the national debt was if the president of the United States refused to do so despite having well over $200 hundred billion dollars each month to pay a $20 billion bill.

  • What we don’t know for sure, and can only guess at, is whether Pres. Obama and the Democrats would actually have allowed the United States to default?  The sad state of the Democratic Party and their ideology has driven us to the point in this nation where even have to ask that question!

–       We know that there are ideologically driven Republicans, like John McCain, whose egos exceed their ability to do what’s right for the country.  They would far rather side with Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama and extreme far left progressives in this country than with conservatives.  They have been in Washington DC far, far too long! They need to be primary, and they need to be replaced with principal conservatives.

–       We know the conventional wisdom.  The Republicans were foolish to pick this fight over Obama care or to take a principled stand.  We’ve heard from the suppose it conservative pundits that if not for Ted Cruz and Mike Lee opposing Obama care all eyes in the nation would have been focused on the disastrous rollout of Obama care.  This is a perspective that clearly defies everything that’s happened in this country since Obama became president.  The mainstream media tanked and continues to tank fast and furious.  If not for Fox news and talk radio no one would even know about Benghazi.  Where is all the massive media surrounding the IRS scandal, which has now reached well into the White House? The mainstream media continues to tank these and other scandals!  Whether it’s purely ideological or also out of fear of the administration the truth doesn’t matter anymore to these so-called news organizations.  It defies all logic and history to believe that these same organizations would have covered the disastrous roll out of Obama care in any fashion.  They would’ve twisted the truth, or ignored the story altogether.  The valiant stand of principled conservatives forced a focus on Obama care that otherwise would not have happened!  We can thank these patriots for they forced a focus on this disastrous law that otherwise would not have occurred. The next year will see more disaster stories come forth.  More people having their hours cut from full time to part time, employees being thrown off of their employers healthcare plans, family members cast aside as employers cut costs, businesses shutting down because they can no longer afford the added costs of business due to Obama care.

–       We now know clearly and precisely who supports and who does not support this abomination.  The midterm elections of 2014 are now focused clearly on a referendum on Obama care.  If the Republicans are smart enough to make this a national referendum, to make every house and senate race about Obama care and the liberal ideology that sinking this nation the Republicans will win as they did in 2010.  I pray that they do!

Magnitude of the US National Debt

Most of us can’t begin to imagine the gargantuan size of the US national debt. Few can really even comprehend a billion dollars, let alone a trillion. In an effort to wake people up to the cavernous hole that our politicians (both parties are guilty, but the Democrats and Barack Obama take the cake) put us in, we need to understand the debt.

President Obama added more debt $4.939T in his first 3 years and 2 months in office than President Bush did $4.899T in 8 years, and he’s on a path to more than double it by the end of his second term. The national debt is a generational crisis that under the best of circumstances would take us, our children, and their children to pay off. So how big is $16.7 Trillion?

Our Federal Government owns one third of the land in the United States (and they want more), totaling a whopping 650 million acres. If we forced the Government to sell that land, which equates to over 2 acres for each person in America, and is 1 out of every 2 acres in the west, we would need over $25,000 per acre to pay off the debt. For reference, the average cost per acre of America’s cropland, the richest in the world, is only $3550/acre. We would need to get over 7 times that amount per acre to pay off our debt. Of course, we’d never sell it all, but releasingsome to American citizens, to pay down the debt, is an excellent start.

Brave enough to look into the massive size of our Federal Debt…look here!