Defund Obama Care?

Americans at Defund Obama Care Rally

Americans at Defund Obama Care Rally

There is a raging debate about whether the Republican House should, or even can, De-fund Obama Care. The answer is easy, do the right thing for the country!

Obama Care is the gateway drug to socialism, and must be stopped in any legal way possible. This is the right thing to do. Most Americans oppose it, and the country hasn’t even seen the impending Obama Care disaster first hand yet, so just stop it.

There is a great cartoon out there that carries the caption “Never Give Up!” It’s a drawing of a crane that’s trying to eat a frog. The frog is a lump in the crane’s throat, but the frog’s arms are reaching through the crane’s beak to below the frog’s body where it has a death grip around the crane’s neck. The frog’s grip is preventing the crane from swallowing the frog. It’s in some sense a Mexican standoff. The frog in the crane’s neck about to get swallowed, the crane choking due to the frog’s grip.

This is the choice getting foisted upon the Republicans in one debate after another. From immigration to stopping the funding of Obama Care, it’s a fight or get swallowed option. The answer is easy, choke the crane, never give up, do the right thing and stop funding Obama Care!

Left’s Reaction to Zimmerman Verdict Predictable

The left and their mainstream media’s reaction to the Zimmerman verdict is anything but surprising.  It’s fully predicted by the Anaconda Strategy, which details how the force their authoritarian agenda upon the American people.  The re-trial of Zimmerman in the public, post verdict, is unavoidable given that they never accept ANY defeat as final.  Tragically for Zimmerman, if it means that they can possibly convict him in civil court, they will go after him.  If not, they have paved the way for violence against him and anybody that supports him.  Recent violence, justified by the leftist media, involved people who did nothing wrong but get spotted by thugs hell-bent on vigilantly justice.  The left won’t be happy until their brand of justice occurs.  Innocent under the laws of the United States, but guilty in the eyes of the left.  I wonder if they will take any of the blame due to them should one of their surrogates kill Zimmerman, or if they will celebrate mob rule in America?

The Anaconda Strategy

AnacondaI coined the term “Anaconda Strategy” to describe the leftist progressive strategy for fundamentally changing the United States from a society based upon Constitutional freedoms into a socialist, intrusive government “nanny state” run by leftist politicians. Whether intentional, or accidental, their strategy has been in place for decades, and consists of two distinct phases.

Power Phase: When Progressives control the Federal Government, they are ruthless in advancing their agenda. Like an Anaconda tightening its coils around its prey whenever the prey exhales, squeezing ever tighter to prevent it from inhaling, progressives expand the power of government, growing it and in the process crushing the liberties of Americans and undermining Constitutional firewalls, legal precedent and rewriting American history to hide their tracks. During this “Power Phase”, they ignore opposing views, claiming that they speak for the people; enacting their mandate. A short list of tools and tactics commonly employed to force their agenda include:

      • Denigrating Christians and Christianity
      • Message amplification via “Minion Media” and pop-culture
      • Demonizing opposition
      • Race-bating
      • Revising history
      • Court challenges, use of activist judges
      • Personal attacks
      • Thuggery and intimidation
      • Boycotts
      • Trucked in union led/paid “AstroTurf” demonstrations
      • International leverage (United Nations mandates, dictates and treaties), Calling it an Accord to end run Congress
      • Pseudoscience to prop up positions
      • Class warfare
      • Political sleight of hand
      • Eliminating institutions and symbols (breaking the connection to the past, history, and society’s legacy)

No better example exist than the way Obama care was railroaded into law, highlighted byHarry Reid’s throwing out 215 years of tradition with the nuclear option.

When progressives lose elections, and voters throw them out of power, they enter the “Holding Phase”.

Anaconda Strategy.

Holding Phase: The Anaconda maintains the crushing force of constriction, while its prey tries to inhale, but it allows no reduction in force as it waits for the next chance to tighten. Likewise, progressives go into hold mode when beaten in elections, and ejected from power. They never accept defeat, no matter how often it happens on a given issue. The left keeps failing in the gun control debate, but it’s only a matter of time before they come after the 2nd Amendment again. During the “Holding Phase” they bide their time.

They cry for an end to partisanship, all the while stalling any attempts to unwind the progressive agenda as they work to entrench Power Phase gains. They use any means possible, see list above, to prevent giving up ground, from courts to childish tactics such as when Wisconsin democrats literally fled Wisconsin in efforts to stall Republican Governor Scott Walker’s campaign agenda. Their relentless movement towards a socialist, authoritarian form of government, with them at the table of power is temporarily on hold until the tide swings back to the “Power Phase”, and their agenda’s constricting march can resume.

What is the counter strategy to oppose this Anaconda Strategy?

Conservative Americans, like TEA Party members, must lead the charge to unwind the coils of the progressive agenda at every turn, and with equal vigor. Stall when not in power, bring the American People into the cause and use their support to reverse bad legislation wherever possible, prevent and highlight bad legislation when proposed, fight for Constitutionalist judges, and strive to gain and maintain governing majorities. Once done, stay true to, and teach the Constitution, conservative ideals and apply the “last in -first out” principle to unwind the progressive agenda, returning liberty and power back in the hands of the American People, where the Constitution puts it.

The strategy must be long term, determined and relentless in order to unwind the coils of progressivism.

Wealth Redistribution Crushing to Young Workers


Wealth Redistribution Crushing To Young Workers

Wealth Redistribution Crushing To Young Workers

Barack Obama once told “Joe the Plumber” that his goal as president was wealth redistribution.  President Obama is sadly making good on his promise, and it is crushing to young workers, one of his strongest support groups.  Their typically meager incomes are being hit on multiple new redistributive fronts.

The most visible is due to the ever mounting national debt.  Just like an individual must pay off their maxed out credit card, the interest on the debt must be paid, but by this time by taxpayers.  The size of that interest payment is growing larger each year.

Debt Interest vs Defense Budget

Debt Interest vs Defense Budget

Past OMB analysis projected that the annual cost for these payments would exceed the Department of Defense budget in the 2017 time frame, and grows rapidly from there.  In addition to the interest, President Obama and the Democrat Senate continues to spend like drunken sailors (my apologies to drunken sailors for the comparison) and further increase the magnitude of the debt, and interest payments.  Young American workers are enslaved to this debt and will likely work their entire lives under high tax rates and never see it paid off.

Another massive cause of wealth redistribution is from Obama Care.  As in the case of Social Security, money is taxed from the young and throughout their lives will be used to offset the much higher health premium costs of the elderly.

“The Average Cost Of Single Coverage Premiums Has Increased By $1,180, From $4,704 To $5,884, A 25 Percent Increase.”   Kaiser Family Foundation.  Those costs will go to cover the premiums of the elderly, and constitute another wealth transfer.  Given that Obama Care is unsustainable, as is social security in its current form, the likelihood that any of this money will come back to them in the future is extremely remote.

As if Obama Care wasn’t bad enough, along comes immigration reform.  The Senate Bill, recently passed, should it become law, would cause employers to hire once “illegal immigrants” over American Citizens and legal immigrants.  Obama Care penalties and requirements would not apply to illegal immigrants once the bill becomes law.  Unbelievably, they would exist outside the scope of Obama Care.  As such, it would be cheaper for businesses to hire these workers, effectively redistributing their wealth to people who broke the law to enter the United States.  Young workers, new to the work force, are most at risk of losing opportunities since older workers have much greater skill sets, work histories and are already well established in the labor force.

Sadly, Democrats aren’t satisfied to just redistribute wealth within the United States.  They have long supported doing the same thing at an international level.  Wealth transfers from the US as a result of the Global Warming hoax is the first one, and easiest to prevent.

The pattern is clear, take from the young, and redistribute, redistribute, redistribute!