Strategies to Fundamentally Change or Save America

Thinking strategically requires an uncommon mindset and perspective, and is a skill honed through study and application. Sadly, progressives in America have effectively applied this skill in spades. The left and the Democrats have been brilliant over the last four or five decades in conceiving and enacting a strategy to change the history of this nation. Back in the 1950s one would’ve thought it ridiculous if anyone on the far left claimed that they would someday run the United States of America with a stated goal of “Fundamentally Changing” it, as did Barack Obama when he was running for president in 2008. Some Americans knew how ominous this was, but many more did not. Unfortunately, Obama and the Democrats have been amazingly successful.

How have they managed to be so effective in what was once a pie-in-the-sky, impossible to reach goal?

The answer is a well-conceived and patient long-term strategy. They determined that in order to fundamentally change the government of the United States they needed to control the governmental seats of power. That meant the presidency, the Senate, the House and ideally it meant controlling the judiciary both at the Supreme Court and lower Federal Court levels.

Their strategy involved cultivating activists of the leftist mentality of Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Edward Kennedy, John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and most recently, Barack Obama along with a host more like them, and seating these activists into office. In order to get these kinds of people elected, they had to get enough votes to win elections. Long ago, the left began the march toward changing society and re-educating the minds of the American people by co-opting our education system. They extended their influence not just through 12th grade, but also firmly into the institutions of higher learning. Some are now attempting to expand even further by mandating ever younger children (tot-care), four-year-olds or younger, must attend school. The authoritarian strategy mandated that the sooner they could begin “educating” a child, the sooner they could begin to preempt and overwrite what that child’s parents were teaching them. The clear intent was to create the kinds of future Americans and future voters essential to support an extreme leftist agenda, but the schools were not enough.

While mainstream America slept, the left began stacking the judiciary and were highly successful, even at the Supreme Court level. Activist judges provided a leftist force multiplier, allowing them to block, overturn, and reinterpret laws passed and votes cast by American citizens. Those votes would have maintained a societal status quo of constitutional freedom and Judea-Christian ethical norms. This activist judiciary proved a devious part of the strategy to thwart American voters, as the left needed time to reap the benefits of controlling the education system. There are numerous examples such as the Ninth Circuit overturning Prop 8 where California voters upheld traditional social norms of marriage being between one man and one woman.

Massive Growth In Dependance Spending

Massive Growth In Dependance Spending

Another element of the strategy involved creating a culture of dependence where once there was a culture of independence, personal responsibility and pride. There is, in fact, already a fundamental shift in our nation and it is precisely the kind of change that Barack Obama stated that he wanted to install. No better proof exists than the 2012 Democrat Internet election ad about a fictitious, government dependent, person named Julia. If you haven’t seen it, you need to! Immigration now stands as another method to expand the masses dependent upon government handouts. The numbers are staggering, and consist of illegal immigrants being positioned across the nation. The clear intent is to make them citizens, and end any viable national voting opposition.

Complimenting the activist judiciary, and an essential enabler of the progressive’s entire strategy, was the production, control and maintenance of a compliant and willing news media. The destructive impacts of a “lap dog”, “Minion-Media” are seen on a daily basis and are looked at in bewilderment by those who aren’t part of the leftist ideology. Controlling the media, which is now nothing but a liberal progressive mouth organ is dangerous to say the least. Democracy, freedom, and the Constitution itself demand a media that will probe, question and hold our government and government officials accountable “We the people”.

The strategy of the progressives so effectively took over the mainstream media that there is no accountability left. I say there is no accountability left, strictly in the sense of not keeping Democrats accountable. George W. Bush and his administration were raked across the coals at every opportunity even to the point of having stories invented, and lies made up by the media and run with by other complacent members of the media who failed to check those stories out. Reference Dan Rather’s falsified story about Bush’s military record. For Republicans, the media is there to do its job; sadly it’s not there to do it fairly, but it is there. For Democrat’s, the media exists to keep them in power, discredit opposition, and expand federal governmental authority.

Note: The new media, specifically talk radio, internet media, Breitbart News, OAN, and notable personalities on Fox News are exceptions to the above media rule and are faithfully attempting to fulfill their constitutional role.

What other strategies are being employed now that the seats of power shifted and the radicals are in charge of our government? First the Marxist progressives set out to redefine morality in our country. They have gone after Christianity, Christians and Judeo-Christian ethics and the foundational American Puritan work ethic with a vengeance. The effort has required patience to slowly turn society away from Christ even to the point of making the word Christmas an alien term, when it’s in fact the celebration of Christ’s birthday. We now say happy holidays not Merry Christmas. The left has been replacing Christian religion with a religion based on faith in government. This is a communist tactic and a tried and true communist requirement because Christianity stands in direct opposition to authoritarianism and the dehumanization that must occur in a socialist or communist authoritarian or totalitarian government system. Consistent with the attack on Christianity and Christians is the attack on those who believe in the Constitution of the United States. Americans who support the Constitution and limited Government run under its authority are now labeled “dangerous right wing extremists” and are lumped together with skinheads and radical Islamists as threats to the federal government. These “dangerous” Americans are members of the TEA Party for instance, who in most cases are grandmas and grandpas, elderly retirees who are the least dangerous people in the country, but clearly among the most patriotic. The strategy requires a disgusting tactic of demonizing or attempting to criminalize (ex. Gov Scott Walker, Gov Rick Perry, CM Tom Delay, Sen Kay Bailey Hutchinson) those that stand in opposition of the violent and radical agenda of the left. This appears to be Saul Alinsky’s direction to pick a target, freeze it, polarize it, and destroy it in action.

I offer that another evolving strategy, and one not originally intended, is to suck money out of the private sector and into the hands of government officials and in doing so slowly begin to dry up the amount of private money that can oppose their agenda and “investing” it on expanding government, another strategy item. Big government, big spending, big control are all results of the progressive strategy. Ironically, as much as the progressive agenda desires an all powerful Federal government, it also seeks to subvert the U.S. sovereignty to global governing bodies like the United Nations, and through the use of multinational agreements like the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), the embodiment of Global Warming Hysteria. The effort to diminish U.S. power includes paying other countries billions in climate change reparations.

So here we are, after decades of the left enacting their strategy, and they were both highly efficient and effective in doing so, and they are in it for the long haul. President Obama confirmed it. Those of us who love this country as it was founded, and framed in the Constitution, are left trying to figure out how do we recover our country? We must recover it in the same way and with the same deliberate patients that the left used to bring it to the brink of collapse. Any strategy focused on one election is doomed to fail. We need a multi-generational strategy, a 100-200 year strategy. We need a mindset that looks long-term and does not tire of the fight to sustain liberty. Ronald Reagan once said that we are at all times only one generation away from tyranny. We must use that mentality as a rallying cry to teach every generation to maintain liberty and counter the damage that is been done to our society already. We must use the very institutions that the left has turned against us, with the same deliberate action, in order to turn them back into what they were intended. Some inroads have been made in that regard. Talk radio, Internet media, FOX News form a small enclave of journalists or commentators that do the job that the mainstream media was set up to do within our Constitution. That is to hold the government accountable to the people.

Our government exists because of us, the American people. It exists to serve us. We do not exist to serve it. We must take back the schools. We must free the judiciary, such that it rules as a constitutionally based entity. We must maintain the world’s most powerful military. We must maintain control of state and local governments, and we must ensure that they always legislate in the interest of freedom and in the interests of protecting the rights of the people, not expanding the power of government, at any level. We must return to the American people their personal property. Whether it’s the use, literally of their own land or the maintenance of their own paychecks, they earned it, and they should keep the maximum amount of it. We must return Christianity and religious faith, virtues, morality back to our society. We must stop the march of immorality, recently highlighted by discussions of starting sexual education for five-year-olds in our school systems. I’m sorry but five-year-olds need to be learning math, science, reading, and writing. They don’t need to be worried about sex education! We need to return sound, fiscal, responsible and constitutionally limited government as the hallmarks of our society.

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